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Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi access is available in nearly all of Preston Library. Because of the structure of the building, there are a few places within the library with a weak or non-existent signal.  The access points and networks are provided for patrons with VMI network accounts as well as guests.  A brief description of the available networks follows.


VMI-Sentinel is the preferred network for patrons with VMI network accounts because it provides

  • access to the Internet.
  • access to network shares/mapped drives.
  • wireless printing.
  • a VMI IP address which allows easy access to the library’s electronic resources.

Anyone with a VMI network account is strongly encouraged to use the VMI-Sentinel network. 

In order to use the VMI-Sentinel network, you must install/set up the wireless network prior to connecting to it for the first time rather than simply clicking on VMI-Sentinel from the list of available networks. (This does not apply to Mac OS X.) 

Connecting to VMI Wireless


The VMI-Secure network will be deactivated soon and is being replaced by VMI-Sentinel.

Preston Public

Preston Public is the preferred network for anyone who needs Wi-Fi access but does not have a VMI network account. The Preston Public wireless network is a public, unsecured network that allows access to the Internet and wireless printing. Electronic library resources are available only if you use the proxy server, which requires a VMI account.


The VMI-Guest wireless network may appear to be available in the library due to signals emanating from Nichols Engineering Building or Mallory Hall. Signal strength is typically weak or non-existent in most areas of the library. The use of VMI-Guest is valid in other buildings on Post, but its use in Preston Library is strongly discouraged. The Preston Public wireless network provides access to more resources than VMI-Guest.

Other Networks

Other networks may appear in the library, but they are not official Preston Library networks and we do not encourage patrons to use them. Many of these “networks” are private devices broadcasting their presence rather than wireless networks provided by VMI for use in Preston Library.