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Kathy Wirtanen
Administrative, Facility
& Conference Assistant

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Center for Leadership & Ethics
VMI, Marshall Hall
500 Anderson Drive
Lexington, VA  24450

The third of four VMI STEM Education Conferences, taking place in October, 2014, will focus on engineering as a means for students to deepen their understanding of and motivation for learning math and science. Teachers of grades 3 - 8 and administrators in leadership roles will be explore engineering principles and pedagogical methods and strategies with the goal of incorporating engineering concepts and projects into the teaching of math and science. Time for networking will allow attendees to discuss the projects and lessons that can answer the all too familiar student response of "Why do we need to learn this?"

Engineers and educators working on cutting edge research and development will address attendees in plenary sessions. Attendees will participate in workshops and sessions with:
• Top math and science educators from the state and region using engineering in the classroom and in other settings.
• VMI professors and cadets who will demonstrate current engineering research and offer projects in laboratories.
• Colleagues from across the commonwealth to discuss challenges and opportunities in the classroom. 

Elementary and middle schools across Virginia will be invited to send teams of 2 - 5 people to maximize the opportunity, though registration will be limited to 250. Participants will have the opportunity to earn professional development credits.