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Keydet Club Holds Largest Scholarship Awards Banquet

FullTextImage/img/@altMatt Brock ’12 and Joe Munno ’12

 On Saturday October 15, 2011 more than 650 VMI cadet-athletes, parents, endowed scholarship donors, annual full scholarship donors, fund representatives, coaches and VMI administrators gathered in a rearranged Crozet Hall for the Keydet Club’s Annual Scholarship Awards Banquet. The event has grown in size and scope over the years and brings together many of VMI’s most generous benefactors to athletics.

Following a wonderful meal of braised short ribs, prepared by Aramark, the staff of the Keydet Club – Greg Cavallaro ’84, Donnie Ross ’74, Doug Bartlett and Robert Crumpler ’07 – recognized all of the scholarship-athletes and annual scholarship donors, endowment donors and fund representatives present.

“The evening brings together all of VMI’s young men and women, who are fortunate to attend VMI on an athletic scholarship, and gives them a chance to meet the people who make their VMI educations possible. It is a great opportunity for both cadets and donors to develop meaningful, relationships that can last a lifetime,” said Cavallaro ’84, “For our donors, these relationships are without question the single biggest factor that influences their generosity and continued support to the Keydet Club.”

The evening’s highlight was the presentation of the Keydet Club’s Three-Legged Stool Award. For the first time in the 11-year history of the award, it was presented to two cadet-athletes, VMI Wrestling Teammates Matt Brock ’12 and Joe Munno ’12 – who serve as this year’s Regimental Commander and First Class President respectively. Prior to the presentations, Cavallaro remarked, “This is the 11th year the Keydet Club has presented its highest cadet-athlete honor, the Three-Legged Stool Award. The Three-Legged Stool Award highlights a cadet’s outstanding achievements in all three major areas of a VMI education: Academics, Leadership and Athletics. One of VMI’s legendary alums, the late Giles Miller from the class of 1924, was the first to use the term “three-legged stool” to describe VMI’s well-rounded educational mission. He said that all three legs of the proverbial VMI stool must stay balanced. If one was to ever get too long, it would upset VMI’s special and unique educational system that has served this state and country so well since its founding in 1839.”

Cadet Brock becomes the first Regimental Commander, and Cadet Munno becomes the first Class President, to receive the award. The record crowd gave their enthusiastic support in an overwhelming ovation as the surprised young men took the stage to where they each received a formal resolution and a handsome Three-Legged Stool Award, which were handcrafted by local Lexington artisan John Owen. Cadet Brock is on the Richard Y. AtLee ’66 Annual Scholarship, and Cadet Munno is the recipient of the Ralph L. Costen Jr. ’70 Annual Scholarship.

The evening’s guest speaker, VMI Superintendent J.H. Binford Peay II, ‘62, was introduced by a former member of the VMI Board of Visitors and now current Keydet Club president William A. Paulette ’69. The Superintendent reinforced the importance of athletics at VMI and how important it is for VMI’s athletic teams to win and win ‘The VMI Way.” In his remarks to the captivated audience he noted, “The VMI Way” involves hard work, determination, teamwork, and that famous “never-say-die” attitude that doesn’t accept defeat and never gives up. Another feature of “The VMI Way,” and it reinforces the idea of “One Corps,” is our insistence that there are no easy degrees for athletes. All cadets are expected to be serious students, not only because this is the primary mission of a college but because the experience and the knowledge gained prepares a graduate to enter careers that will be satisfying to them, useful to society at large, and will advance the wider mission of the Institute.”

Read Gen. Peay's Remarks

The Keydet Club hails this Scholarship Recognition Banquet as one of the best ever, and they look forward to having an even larger crowd in attendance next year! To learn more about the Scholarship Recognition Banquet and how to give your support to one of VMI’s cadet-athletes, please call the Keydet Club at 800-444-1839.