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    Below are some resources for both current cadets and alumni. These resources provide information on the law school application process as well as tools to help prepare for the LSAT.

    The LSAC website is the most comprehensive site for information on applying to law school as well as taking the LSAT. Applicants will use the Credential Assembly Service as a clearinghouse for their LSAT scores, letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc. and send a report to each law school to which the candidate wishes to apply. 

    An extensive list of publications and online resources can be found through the NAPLA website. Cadets will find particularly useful the Law School Locator and Law School Range Finder, which provides a sense of the expectations for different law schools with respect to undergraduate GPA and LSAT score. Additionally, a useful step-by-step guide to the law school application process can be found through the Pre-Law website at Boston College here: 

    In the spring semester of 2012, the Pre-Law Society will be bringing professional LSAT course instruction on Post. This course is intended primarily for Second Class Cadets who are preparing for the June 2012 LSAT exam. Please contact MAJ Holston at if you are interested in participating.