Psychiatric Services

The Center for Cadet Counseling is aware of the genetic/biological basis of some mental health problems and makes appropriate referrals to psychiatric service providers when such influences negatively impact cadets’ mental health.  The CCC has contracted with a local Psychiatrist to provide psychiatric services to cadets who have been referred by a CCC trained professional.


Only cadets who are currently engaged in ongoing treatment at the Center for Cadet Counseling (e.g., weekly, twice-monthly, or at least monthly sessions) are eligible to receive psychiatric services through the CCC.  Cadets who are interested exclusively in psychiatric services will be given off-Post referrals.

Frequency of counseling appointments are at the discretion of the counselor and psychiatrist, but the counselor must conclude that an active therapeutic effect is being generated.  Therapy should not be initiated or maintained solely for the purpose of accessing and/or maintaining psychiatric services.