Contacting Cadets

Phone Message:
(540) 464-7306

Cadet (followed by name)
450 Burma Road
Virginia Military Institute
VMI Box (followed by box number)
Lexington, VA 24450-0304

Cards and letters:
Cadet (followed by name)
Virginia Military Institute
VMI Box (followed by box number)
Lexington, VA 24450-0304

Parents Council

The Parents Council was established to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and information between parents, cadets and Institute officials; create an organization to formulate and administer plans and projects; bring the parents of cadets into closer association with VMI; aid in the growth and development of the VMI Foundation; and to assist the Institute in providing for the welfare and development of cadets. Members of the Council are selected from parents of cadets in the upper three classes.

The Parents Council is overseen by the President and the Vice President-Elect. There are four main committees in the Council: Activities, Communications, Society of Friends and Family and Recruiting.


Jeff & Christie Adler
Adler, Daniel M. – Class of 2014

Co-Vice Presidents

Bob & Robin Michie
Michie, Chap – Class of 2015
Activities Committee

Activities Chair

John & Drusie Milford
Shehan, William – Class of 2014

Activities Vice-Chair

Ray & Susie Moschler
Moschler, Daniel – Class of 2015

The Activities Committee members enthusiastically support the Summer Transition Program or summer orientation programs, assist with matriculation, interact with parents, and provide the new council member orientation.

Communications Committee

Communications Chair

Joanna Barefoot
Barefoot, Christopher – Class of 2014 

Communications Vice-Chair

Co-Vice Chairs
Olivia & Kurt Schliching
Schlichting, Tessa – Class of 2015

The Communications Committee members work to help the flow of information between parents and VMI.

Society of Friends and Family

Society of Friends and Family Co-Chairs

Darrell & Karen Newcomb
Newcomb, Collin – Class of 2014

Society of Family and Friends Vice-Chairs
Anthony and Lisa Lloyd
Lloyd, Stephen R – Class of 2015

The Society of VMI Family and Friends was established in order to provide opportunities for alumni, non-alumni family and friends to become engaged with the life of the Institute and to help foster the ideals and traditions of the Institute. Membership is an annual contribution of $25 for current parents and $100 for all others in any component of VMI annual giving (unrestricted gifts to either the VMI Keydet Club or the VMI Foundation).  

To join, visit the Family and Friends site, Family & Friends On-Line Giving. For more information on becoming a member of The VMI Family or rejoining, please contact the Society of VMI Family and Friends Coordinator at the VMI Foundation, 1-800-444-1839. If you wish to make a gift and mail it to the Foundation, click here

Society of VMI Family and Friends members coordinate fund raising activities with the VMI Foundation and help educate parents about VMI's needs and financial resources. 



Tynan & Debbie Dawson
Dawson, Abigail – Class of 2014

Recruiting Vice-Chairs

Greg & Robin Scott
Scott, Brice Aaron – Class of 2015

Recruiting Committee members participate in Admission Office Open House Weekends, visit high schools and Alumni Chapter recruiting activities.