Cadet Awards

The ECBU department held its annual awards ceremony 26 March to recognize the top achieving cadets in departmental courses. In addition to academic excellence awards being given for top cadets among all four class years, the department gave out the Roberts and Wheat medals and held the honor society (ODE and BGS) inductions.

The Roberts Medal, which recognizes the top standing by and economics and business major in the graduating class was awarded to Michael Shafer ’12. Shafer-2012

Michael Bowman ‘12 and Benjamin Denton ’12 shared the Wheat Medal for top performance on the Major Field Test—Business by an economics and business major in the graduating class.

Also recognized for their outstanding performance on the Major Field Test – Business were William Gillogly ‘12, Richard Luck ‘12, Bradley Parker ‘12, and Lewedwyn Taylor ‘12. MFTB-2012

Academic Excellence awards are given to those who achieve a 3.0 cumulative GPA or better.

For the Class of 2012, the awardees are Kevin Brown, Michael Casper, Dallas Disbro, Boris Duvnjak, Richard Luck, Santiago Munoz-Otalvaro, Bradley Parker, Michael Shafer, Lewedwyn Taylor, Andrew Wong, and Andrew Yancey, 

For the Class of 2013, the awardees are William Alewine, Johnathan Booth, Steven Carr, William Coursey, Benjamin Cross, Russell East, Simone Jimenez, Robert Kanter, Thomas Moran, Stanley Okoye, J Eric Rice, Leah Schubel, Brad Stallings, Benjamin Waterbury, Darren Waters, and Christopher Zyra. 
For the Class of 2014, the awardees are William Breakell, Chih-Yuan Chen, Robert Demson, Jacob Grier, Nicolas Mari, Joseph Pinotti, and Andrew Ukrop. 

For the Class of 2015, the awardees are Clark Chen, William Claytor, Robert Davison, Brandon Diamond, Benjamin Field, Marcus Griggs, Eric Groleau, Frank Hargrove, Travis Hawkins, William Holzapfel, Gary LeClair, Gaston Ledford, William Luck,Henry Meredith, Tyler Prasnicki, Renee Reives, Douglas Rush, Richard Siewers, Chad Tidaback, Samuel Trumps, Conrad Wharton, and Jennifer Woodcock.

Omicron Delta Epsilon inducted eleven new members. The inductees are: Johnathan Booth, Steven Carr, Benjamin Cross, Robert Kanter, Thomas Moran, Stanley Okoye, J Eric Rice, Leah Schubel, Brad Stallings, Benjamin Waterbury, and Christopher Zyra.

Beta Gamma Sigma inducted eight new members. The inductees are Tyler Brown, Richard Luck, Benjamin Cross, Simone Jimenez, Robert Kanter, Leah Schubel, Benjamin Waterbury, and Christopher Zyra.

Several cadets were recognized at other ceremonies. Boris Duvjnak ’12 was awarded the Philpott medal for his research entitled “Incentivizing Cooperation in Bosnia & Herzegovina”

Stephen Rogarge ’12 won the Intercollegiate Sports Award for Lacrosse.
The Faculty Scholarship for Merit Award was given to Simone Jimenez ’13 for superior academic performance by a rising First in the social sciences. Darren Waters ’13 was awarded 100th Infantry Division Lieutenant General Withers A. Burress Scholarship Fund Awards. The COL Herbert Nash Dillard '34 Award was given to Jenna Pickett ’12 (business minor).

Finally, on graduation day, the following cadets were recognized:

Distinguished Graduates with Institute Honors (cumulative GPA above 3.5 and completed a cross-disciplinary honors curriculum)

  • Dallas Disbro
  • Boris Duvjnak
  • Michael Shafer

Distinguished Graduates (cumulative GPA above 3.5)

  • Richard Luck
  • Lewedwyn Kippur Taylor

With Distinction (cumulative GPA between 3.0 and 3.499)

  • Kevin Brown
  • Stephen Davis
  • Bradley Parker
  • Andrew Wong
  • Andrew Yancey