Col. Bush - 2015 Class Advisor

Col. Bush was appointed class adviser to 2015 this past summer. He quickly moved to meet as many members of the class as possible. During STP he was often seen in Crozet for the lunch time check-in and with Cadets Schaedel and Fleshman while they took the students on their first “force march” behind Post to the Maury River. Col. Bush was on hand to greet parents and RATS as they signed the Matriculation Book. It is no surprise that Col. Bush was regularly seen with the RATS around Post. He joined each company for at least one outing at RAT Challenge, attended various activities, such as sweat parties, and joined them on the final 20-mile force march, shortly after finishing his own marathon (Indiana – state 40).

The spring semester has brought Breakout and the introduction of the Class of 2015 to the Corps of Cadets. Col. Bush was seen at all of the stations during Breakout motivating and helping the RATS. With the election of the class officers, the physical aspects fade and it is time to get down to business. Col. Bush is working with the Class Officers to plan and organize Ring Figure and a new Community Service Initiative. According to Col. Bush, “Being class adviser has given me a new insight on the RAT line.” Bush-2012