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2012-08-14, 1600 hours - Protecting Computer With Software Updates

VMI’s Information Technology Department routinely reviews existing processes and procedures to ensure your system remains safe and secure, while still maintaining the same end-user friendly experience you’ve come to expect.

As such, we recently finished upgrading the system responsible for deploying software updates to your computer. The upgrade incorporates a new end-user management console, “Software Center”, which improves upon the end-user experience and provides more management options for the user.

Improvements include:

  • Extended deployment options 
  • Simplified notifications and reminders

Extended deployment options

As before, you continue to have the option of delaying the installation of software updates on your machine for up to two weeks. This means that once updates are tested and approved for installation, you get a full two-week grace period in which to install them. If you have not installed the updates by the end of the grace period, the updates will be installed automatically and any necessary reboots of your machine will occur. To minimize the disruption to your daily routine, we recommend completing the software update process as soon as possible.

Simplified notifications and reminders

Pop-up notifications will remind you that there are software updates that need to be installed. You will receive these pop-up notifications during the grace period. As the end of the two-week grace period nears, the notifications will become more frequent.  When clicked on, the pop-up notification will open the "Action Window", allowing you to control how and when the updates are installed.

We understand that software updates can be inconvenient, but they are a necessary disruption to your daily routine.  Software updates patch security vulnerabilities that can be a threat to the VMI network.  To view additional details, including instructions on how to have the updates automatically installed according to your preferred schedule, please go to

Contact the Help Desk at or call 7643 if you have any questions.