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Spring 2013 Course List

HNL 380WX  -
MWF 0900, SS 201 
Power and Politics in Shakespeare 
COL Emily Miller, Navas-Read Institute Professor of English Literature and Head, Department of English and Fine Arts 

In this course we will explore what some of Shakespeare’s most interesting plays suggest about the nature of power:  how both heroes and villains use strategies and intrigue to establish their authority, how they use and/or abuse their power, how they serve and/or undermine justice, how they affect those whom they lead, judge, rule, etc.    

HNL 382W - TR 1050, SS 538 
Topics in Philosophy:  The Buddha Meets Socrates 
Dr. Harrison J. Pemberton, Visiting Professor of Philosophy 

This course will investigate the philosophical traditions of the Buddha and Socrates. The Buddha stands as the great teacher of the tradition bearing his name, for he showed that it is by well practiced meditation that one may hope to attain enlightenment. Socrates stands as the great teacher in the Western tradition, for he led us to see that it is by disciplined reason that one may hope to attain intellectual clarity. As we examine these Eastern and Western traditions we will come to wonder from what viewpoint we can see the contrast.  Some previous training in philosophy might be helpful, but it is not necessary  

HNL 383W - MWF 0900, SS 107Poverty and Human Capability 
Dr. Duncan Richter, Professor of Philosophy 

This course examines the causes and consequences of poverty in order to come up with workable solutions for eradicating it. To this end we will explore: (a) definitions of poverty, (b) various measures of poverty, (c) causes of poverty, and (d) possible solutions and ways to choose between solutions.  Enrollment is restricted to cadets in the Institute Honors Program or those who receive permission from director of the Institute Honors Program.  HNL 383W is cross-listed as PH 303W.   

HNS 382W – TR 0800, SS 201 
The Suicidal Mind
MAJ Glenn Sullivan, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Approximately 30,000 Americans will die by suicide this year – about twice as many as will die by homicide. This seminar will explore the scientific research base on suicide, with special attention paid to the relationship of suicidal behavior to severe (but treatable) mental disorders. We will examine evidence-based clinical and societal interventions that reduce suicide risk. We will discuss the effects of gender, age, race, and culture on suicide, as well as the disturbing recent increase in military suicides. Physician-assisted suicide, suicide contagion, and myths about suicide will also be discussed. Throughout, case studies will be presented, both from the instructor’s own clinical experiences, and the medico-historical record (e.g., Ernest Hemingway).  

HNS 383W – TR 1050, NH 439 
Environmental Engineering and Construction in Developing Countries  
MAJ Tim Moore, Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering   

Environmental Engineering and Construction in Developing Countries uses hands-on application of rudimentary field design and construction techniques for the implementation of basic environmental necessities in developing communities and the enhancement of overall quality of human life. The course explores the role of the environmental engineer, and specifically the average human being in worldwide public health and seeks to promote an awareness of communities lacking access to basic human rights such as clean drinking water and adequate sanitation. Note HNS 383W is cross-listed as CE 475W. 

HN 400-401
Honors Thesis/Project Research

Research for and completion of the Institute Honors thesis under the guidance of a faculty adviser.  First class cadets must enroll in this course (for one semester or two) or another appropriate research or independent study course in order to earn credit for completing the thesis required for Institute Honors.  Enrollment is restricted to cadets in the Institute Honors Program and requires permission of the program’s director. To enroll, bring the Registrar’s REGISTRATION OVERRIDE form with a brief outline of work to be accomplished during the specified semester for Col. R. McDonald’s approval and signature. With Col. R. McDonald’s approval a new section of HN 400/401 will be created for each individual cadet, listing the faculty mentor as the professor of record.