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VMI Keydet Club
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Keydet Club March Madness Challenge Details

Keydet Club March Madness Challenge(1)
The month of March is an exciting time of the year for sports fans. The NCAA basketball tournament has always created a national buzz and now the Keydet Club will create some VMI buzz and host the first ever “Keydet Club March Madness Challenge.” This event will excite and encourage the 16 young VMI classes to step up their participation and support for VMI Athletics in head to head competition.

Keydet Club March Madness Challenge Details:

     1. The tournament will include the Classes of ’97 through ’12.

     2. To participate in this event and count for your class you need to contribute a gift of $50 or more to the Keydet Club.

     3. For those donors who have already contributed $50 or more in FY ’13, their gift will be counted and they will be used to seed the 16 classes. The class going into this tournament
with the highest number of donors will receive the #1 seed in the tournament, and the class with the lowest number of donors thus far will be the #16 seed.

     4. The seeding will take place on February 15th and the Keydet Club March Madness Challenge will start on Monday, February 18th.

     5. The tournament will have four rounds with one week representing a round. At the end of each round the class with the higher number of participants will advance to the next week. The winner of each pairing will carry over its total number of participants to the next round. If there is a tie between two classes it will come down to the total amount of dollars each class raised.

     6. Each class will be represented and lead by a Keydet Club Class Rep. They will handle your questions and concerns about this event while also spreading the word to your BR’s.

     7. Round dates: 1st- March 14th through the 20th
                               2nd- March 21th through the 27th
                               3rd- March 28th through April 4th
                               Final- April 4th through the 10th

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 Winning Prize

     • When this event concludes and a champion is crowned, the winning class will receive a class party catered by the Keydet Club. This will take place after a VMI home football game of your class’s  choice next season.

This is a great opportunity for the younger classes of VMI to step up their game! We have gathered up a select few generous VMI donors of the “Old Corps” to match $50 per young alumnus who participates. Let’s make them dig deep in their pockets and show them we mean business!

So what are you waiting for – this is a great chance to help the Keydet Club raise the annual money it needs to fund VMI’s Division I athletic program. Class bragging rights are on the line so start spreading the word and encouraging your Brother Rats to get involved!

You may designate your gift to the Keydet Club Scholarship Fund, the Athletic Operating Fund, or to any AOF-Team.

Note: Tax deductible gifts to the Keydet Club may be made by cash, check, credit cards or appreciated securities.

 Mailing to: VMI Keydet Club, PO Box 932, Lexington, VA 24450