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Keydet Club’s “6th Man Cash Give Away” Gets Cameron Hall Rocking

FullTextImage/img/@altCommandant Trumps '79 Halftime Shot

The Keydet Club created a promo for the VMI Basketball Games to encourage Cadet support of our team and to get them to sit together in the Red and Yellow Sections. We rolled this out for last weeks game in Cameron Hall at half-time calling it the Keydet Club’s “6th Man Cash Give-Away.”

We circulated a flyer in barracks and the Mess Hall. Needless to say it was a huge success and we will continue a variation of it for the remainder of the season.

We randomly selected 6 cadets who shot 6 different shots for various dollar amounts from $10 to $1,500. After all 6 cadets shot they only had netted $60 for a Free Throw made by Rat Football player Joe Kluckowski (Dad Ed is ’83). When we brought the Mystery Guest Shooter Col. Tom Trumps ’79 out and he made the $600 shot, the Corp went wild. Each Cadet won $110!

View the video of Commandant Trumps hitting the free throw to win the Cadets and extra $600.

Enjoy! We’ll do a variation at the first time-out in the second half of this Saturday’s game.