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2013-03-12, 1100 hours - Phishing Alert

The email message below is an example of a phishing message that has been received by multiple people on Post today.  The IT network administrator has blocked the link in this email.

The recipients have been redacted from the email below. This is an example of a forgery, also known as a spoofed email, and appears to have come from eastern Europe. Be aware not all email is what it appears to be. Note the misspelling of friend, as frend. Spelling and grammar errors are common in phishing emails. When in doubt contact the sender for verification.

Should you ever receive this type of message or any similar messages, please follow the below procedures: 

  1. DO NOT open the attachments. 
  2. DO NOT reply to the message 
  3. DO NOT click on any links or attempt to “Download Pictures” within the email 
  4. DO NOT provide the sender with any username, password, or personal information 
  5. DELETE the message 
  6. NEVER provide your personal information to anyone

If you mistakenly:

  1. Clicked on links and are directed to a web site, you may be infected--contact the IT Help Desk,
  2. Entered username/password information--change your password immediately.