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Injured Alumnus Recovering in Cambridge Hospital

FullTextImage/img/@altCadets sign a flag for Richard Donohue, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority policeman who was shot Friday during the search for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. – VMI Photo by Kevin Remington.

(UPDATE) LEXINGTON, Va., April 23, 2013 -- Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority Officer Richard “Dic” Donohue, injured last week in a confrontation with suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, remains hospitalized, and his family is cautiously optimistic despite an anticipated long period of recovery and rehabilitation.

Donohue’s mother told the Institute late today that she and the family extend their thanks to cadets, faculty, staff, alumni, and all who have kept him in their thoughts and prayers.

LEXINGTON, Va., April 20, 2013 – Richard “Dic” Donohue ’02 was reported Sunday to be in critical but stable condition after being shot Friday in a confrontation with suspects in last Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing. He is recovering after surgery in Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Mass.

Donohue, an officer with the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, was assisting Cambridge and Massachusetts Institute of Technology police when he was injured.

“We hope for Officer Donohue’s full recovery,” said Col. Stewart MacInnis, director of communications and marketing. “He and his family are in our thoughts. We are of course both concerned about and proud of him.”

All afternoon Friday, cadets signed a VMI flag to be sent to Donohue. In the end two flags were required to accommodate the signatures of all the cadets desiring to show their support.

The Boston Globe has published additional information on the sequence of events in which Donohue was injured, and a CBS affiliate noted a ceremony held during a VMI football scrimmage in Roanoke.