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VMI Employees Honored for Service


LEXINGTON, Va., May 23, 2013 – VMI’s staff members congregated in Crozet Hall for the annual breakfast buffet and the employee service awards May 17.

Gen. J.H. Binford Peay III ’62, superintendent, offered his thanks for the hard work and dedication of VMI staff members.

Fifty-nine employees who reached milestones in their careers at VMI were honored with employee service awards:

Forty years – Christine B. Clark, communications and marketing; Karen S. Robinson, football.

Thirty-five years – Kathy G. Clevenger, tailor shop; Samuel C. Kessinger, Kenneth W. Moore, and Darlene Vest, physical plant.

Thirty years – Robert T. Agnor, armory; Anita F. Cruze, chemistry department; Gerald J. Higgins, laundry; and Wanda S. Sorrells, alumni agencies.

Twenty-five years – Rita M. Blackwell, alumni agencies; Larry L. Camper and Jeffrey L. Wines, physical plant; Wanda S. Deacon, laundry; Michael P. Friski, military store; and Cathy J. Wells, Preston Library.

Twenty years – Anita K. Davis, comptroller’s office; Cindy F. Dudley, tailor shop; P. Alan Funk and Daniel B. Hostetter, physical plant; Jeffrey L. Parrent, civil engineering; Ronald L. Weeks, physical education; and John A. Wilson, laundry.

Fifteen years – Darrell C. Campbell, information technology; Patrick J. Costa, alumni agencies; Alfreda M. Crawford, physical plant; Troy D. Fitzgerald and Loretta E. Sorrells, laundry; Karen S. Ford, postal services; Mary L. Kludy, Preston Library; Allen E. Shafer and Donna H. Young, institutional research; and Francis G. Watts, intercollegiate athletics.

Ten years –Patty Carter, physical plant; Jane O. Gray, alumni agencies; Amanda C. Liskey and William L. Zirk, New Market Battlefield.

Five years – Jaime A. Ashby, Virginia F. Knick, Beth G. McGrath, and Patricia J. Willis, laundry; L. Dawn Clark, Cory L. Claytor, Jackson B. Harris, Robin R. Harvey, Sharon M. Knight, physical plant; Lisla K. Danas, alumni agencies; Charmaine A. Detrow, New Market Battlefield; Caroline M. Dix, Dreama A. Fox, and Lorie C. Kingery, infirmary; Monica M. Duke, Miller Academic Center; Amy L. Hayslett, admissions; Charles G. Hubbard, security; Tonya L. Moore, Preston Library; Michelle M. Murphy, registrar’s office; Jessica N. Rowe, construction office; John H. Schoultz, museum; and Deneise P. Shafer, history department.