Major Field Test in Business

Since 1993, the Economics & Business Department has administered the Educational Testing Service’s Major Field Test in Business (MFTB) to graduating first class cadets. During the pursuit of AACSB accreditation over the past several years, MFTB results were an important component of the department’s assessment of discipline-based skills. When deficiencies were found, changes were made at both the curriculum and course levels.

In 2012-13, fifty-eight members of the first class took the MFTB. The class scored in the 76th percentile, in comparison with 438 schools worldwide. Individually, six cadets achieved scores above the 90th percentile, compared with 32,982 students who have taken the exam. The class of 2013 scored above the 90th percentile in Economics and International Issues.

Question-by-question, the department has target (percentage) scores as part of our AACSB assessment program. When the score on a particular question goes below 50%, the instructor(s) in that area is/are required to conduct a review of the test questions. It may be that a test question topic is not taught or emphasized. Each instructor is given the discretion to include or exclude course topics based on their professional judgment. However, we believe the department’s historic scores on the MFTB are an accurate indicator of the overall high quality of the program.

Table 3 Results of 2012-13 Assessment of Discipline based Skill Set 

Major Field Test--Business: Percentile Scores 
MFTB Area 2010 2011 2012 2013 93-13 Average
Accounting 45th 45th 41st 45th 51st
Economics 95th 97th 95th 96th 98th
Management 85th 88th 47th 51st 69th
Quantitative 95th 97th 50th 81st 85th
Finance 80th 83rd 69th 65th 79th
Marketing 85th 84th 75th 84th 77th
Legal/Social 65th 71st 44th 76th 64th
Information Systems 60th 44th 55th 61st 47th
International 85th 96th 94th 91st 90th
 Overall Score