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2013-14 Rank Selection Announced

FullTextImage/img/@altChange of command took place during the Graduation Parade in May. -- VMI Photo by Kevin Remington.

LEXINGTON, Va., July 23, 2013 – Cadets were appointed to rank for the 2013-14 academic year in a ceremony held in Jackson Memorial Hall in March.

The full roster of rank selections has been finalized as follows:

Regimental Staff

Capt. Joseph Bishop, commander; Capt. Cameron Armstrong, executive officer; Benjamin Kier, S-1 captain; Daniel Oberlander, S-2 captain; Andrew La Belle, S-3 captain; Timothy Boersig, S-4 captain; Alyssa Ford, S-5 captain; Joseph Kohm, S-6 captain; Stephen States, S-7 captain; Charles Gray, S-1 lieutenant; Jonathan Vignali, S-2 lieutenant; John Curl, S-3 lieutenant; Jesse Wells, S-4 lieutenant; Daniel Adler, S-5 lieutenant; Tyler Garvin, S-6 lieutenant; Alec Thompson, S-7 lieutenant; Mary Lemon, Media S-5 lieutenant; Zachary Wilkinson, ERT S-4 lieutenant.

Alexander Brown, sergeant major; Shane Smith, S-1 staff sergeant; Thomas Goolsby and Nicholas Boline, S-2 staff sergeants; Chantal Stark, S-3 staff sergeant; Kimberly Smith, Tyler Hacker, Daniel Moschler, and Alexander Palagyi, S-4 staff sergeants; Samuel Hunter, Samuel Trumps, and Tatiana Wabrek, S-5 staff sergeants; Nattachat Srikongyos, MacKenzie Perkins, and Brandon Snow, S-6 staff sergeants; Sean Connolly, S-7 staff sergeant.

Logan Carpenter, Samuel Druen, Jakob Lejman, Andrew Rotermund, and Garrett Rose, color sergeants; Joseph Amato and Andrew Leib, S-1 corporals; Andrew Stanford, Ryker Convento, and John Zippel, S-2 corporals; Christine Knowling, S-3 corporal; William Camp, Michael Duckworth, and Conner Ingram, S-4 corporals; Matthew Tonkinson and Michael Piemonte, S-5 corporals; Jacob Concannon, Bennett Dotson, and Trey Rose, S-6 corporals; Daniel Bull, Christopher de Steuben, Emily Hill, and Matthew Johnson, S-7 corporals; Michael Ahlgrim, Chang Ming, Chang Ti-Han, and Paul Copley, color corporals.

First Battalion Staff

Capt. James Ethington, commander; Capt. Morgan Walberg, executive officer; Andrew Kun-Wei Lee, S-1 lieutenant, Cabell Willis, S-2 lieutenant; John Bolen, S-3 lieutenant; Robert Demson, S-4 lieutenant; Zachary Judson, S-5 lieutenant; Carly Day, S-6 lieutenant; Larry Martin, S-7 lieutenant.

Kyle Morse, sergeant major; Matthew Shimp and Ryan Long, S-1 staff sergeants; Harper Niver and Katheryne Austin, S-2 staff sergeants; Brian Boyle, S-3 staff sergeant; Cullen Broughton, S-4 staff sergeant; Justin Kutchi, S-5 staff sergeant; Robert Michie and Michael Shannon, S-6 staff sergeants; William Claytor and Alexander Lin, S-7 staff sergeants; Brent Clark, Stephen Eubanks, Christopher Gray, and Sean Turner, color sergeants.

Holden Shepard, S-1 staff corporal; James Latta, S-2 staff corporal; John Wainwright, S-2 staff corporal; Kenneth Turlington, S-3 staff corporal; Mark Judy, S-4 staff corporal; Bernard Matanic, S-4 staff corporal; Christopher Davis, S-5 staff corporal; Jack Garvin, S-6 staff corporal; Emmitt Kelly, S-6 staff corporal; Zachary Kaplan, S-7 staff corporal; Duncan Mahnken, S-7 staff corporal; Loran Dreelin, Giustino Iuliano and Nicholas Meier, color corporals.

Second Battalion Staff

Capt. Eric Alter, commander; Capt. John Delekto, executive officer; Ray Montolin, S-1 lieutenant; Cameron Weatherholtz, S-2 lieutenant; Kelvin Ulloa, S-3 lieutenant; Justin McCarty, S-4 lieutenant; Philip Pryor, S-5 lieutenant; Joseph Dutter, S-6 lieutenant; Stephen Mallon, S-7 lieutenant.

Kylen Schmidt, sergeant major; Jonathan Campbell and Matthew Tate, S-1 staff sergeants; Drake Cong, S-2 staff sergeant; Wesley Jacobs, S-3 staff sergeant; Robert Davison and James Grandchamp, S-4 staff sergeants; Blake Andersen and Jeremy Sanders, S-5 staff sergeants; Travis Hawkins and Alexander McCauley, S-6 staff sergeants; Brice Scott and John Wood, S-7 staff sergeants; Skyler Kepley, Patrick Finn, Stephen Mascioli, Tessa Smith, color sergeants.

Robert Voetsch, S-1 staff corporal; Murphy Kerner, S-2 staff corporal; Townsend Williams, S-2 staff corporal; Joshua Bowen, S-3 staff corporal; Nathan Sutherland, S-4 staff corporal; Paige Taylor, S-4 staff corporal; Charles Vaughan, S-5 staff corporal; Salena Chiep, S-5 staff corporal; Brandon Goodwyn, S-5 staff corporal; Brian Ellis, S-6 staff corporal; Andrew Starnes, S-6 staff corporal; David Noel, S-7 staff corporal; Tyler Robinson, S-7 staff corporal; Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Daniel Robinson, and Benjamin Shacraw, color corporals.

Company A

Capt. Tanner Knight, commander; Lt. Tyler Andrew, executive officer; Joshua Vaughan, 1st Platoon lieutenant; John Hansen, 2nd Platoon lieutenant; Kevin Schumann, 4th Platoon lieutenant.

Anthony Pacheco, first sergeant; Matthew Navarro, operations sergeant; Ryan King, master sergeant; James Marsh, 1st Platoon sergeant; Mark Esposito, 2nd Platoon sergeant; Maxwell Makuch, 3rd Platoon sergeant; Robert McClelland, 4th Platoon sergeant; Matthew Lansford, 1st Platoon guide sergeant; Renee Reives, 2nd Platoon guide sergeant; Carl Ellison, 3rd Platoon guide sergeant; Samuel Whelan, 4th Platoon guide sergeant.

Clarke Ruska, John Bowles, Jack Crowley, James Daniels, Shawn Gardner, Mason Hurt, Bennett Lynde, Patrick Murray, Jacob Norris, Mark Nytko, Cody Portell, Nathanael Stanger, and Jeffrey Vitale, corporals.

Company B

Capt. Kort Munoz, commander; Lt. Travis Vaughn, executive officer; Paige Nardozzo, 1st Platoon lieutenant; Nicholas Hounshell, 2nd Platoon lieutenant; Paul Cicero, 3rd Platoon lieutenant; Rian Ellis, 4th Platoon lieutenant.

Luke VanZandt, first sergeant; Frederick Derenthal, operations sergeant; Aurelio Pineiro, master sergeant; Morgan Robinson, 1st Platoon sergeant; Henry Meredith, 2nd Platoon sergeant; John McIntosh, 3rd Platoon sergeant; Kyle Leonard, 4th Platoon sergeant; Zachary Harth, 1st Platoon guide sergeant; Isaac Copes, 2nd Platoon guide sergeant; Derrick Ziglar, 3rd Platoon guide sergeant; Ling-Erh Wang, 4th Platoon guide sergeant.

Nathanael Fowler, Caleb Bishop, Connor Chow, Connor Coughlin, Richard Dromerhauser, Amy Hardbower, Mason Hitt, Jarod Krug, Nathan Moore, Matthew Rowe, David Smith, Braden Souder, and Nikolas Thers, corporals.

Company C

Capt. Harrison Kee, commander; Lt. Taylor Floyd, executive officer; Joshua Wells, 1st Platoon lieutenant; Nicole Harding, 2nd Platoon lieutenant; Samuel Lee, 3rd Platoon lieutenant; Phillip Kroke, 4th Platoon lieutenant.

Mark Collie, first sergeant; Jacob Kelliher, operations sergeant; David Brumett, master sergeant; Justin Wilson, 1st Platoon sergeant; Tyler Prasnicki, 2nd Platoon sergeant; Heather Magill, 3rd Platoon sergeant; Jacob Freeman, 4th Platoon sergeant; Aaron Miller, 1st Platoon guide sergeant; Taylor Rafaly, 2nd Platoon guide sergeant; Douglas Passero, 3rd Platoon guide sergeant; Joseph Macchiaroli, 4th Platoon guide sergeant.

Nicholas Nadeau, Scott Beasley, Taylor Long, Andy Choi, Aaron Gibbs, Jared Gruber, Joshua Gutjahr, Conor Hogan, Zane Mitra, Samuel Olson, Caleb Prather, Nathan Sitzman, and William Wymond, corporal.

Company D

Capt. Zachery Mills, commander; Lt. Sean Murphy, executive officer; Joseph Porzio, 1st Platoon lieutenant; Justin Vernon, 2nd Platoon lieutenant; Nicholas DeMaria, 3rd Platoon lieutenant; Victor de Leon, 4th Platoon lieutenant.

Elise Reed, first sergeant; Stephen Caskey, operations sergeant; Patrick de la Cruz, master sergeant; David Souliotis, 1st Platoon sergeant; Grant Stoverink, 2nd Platoon sergeant; Mitchell White, 3rd Platoon sergeant; Andrew Behan, 4th Platoon sergeant; Rob Franzino, 1st Platoon guide sergeant; Nathan Webster, 2nd Platoon guide sergeant; Thomas O’Connell, 3rd Platoon guide sergeant; Kyle McCarthy, 4th Platoon guide sergeant.

Ryan Puccetti, Seth Ballard, Carter Chatwood, Andrew Day, Ian Garlock, Stephen Guse, Dakota Hendrix, Elliot Hough, Angelo Kirchon, Zack McManus, Dominic Romeo, Alexander Swafford, and Gabriel Van Haefner, corporals.

Company E

Capt. Patrick Pizzaro, commander; Lt. Chase Montambo, executive officer; Joshua Harrison, 1st Platoon lieutenant; Eric Triassi, 2nd Platoon lieutenant; Vincenzo Reo, 3rd Platoon lieutenant; Phat Atran, 4th Platoon lieutenant.

Robert Hendren, first sergeant; Justin Alfon, operations sergeant; Hayden Whetstone, master sergeant; Spencer Buettner, 1st Platoon sergeant; Alex Wong, 2nd Platoon sergeant; Dylan Miller, 3rd Platoon sergeant; Nicholas Hassell, 4th Platoon sergeant; Luke Bijelic, 1st Platoon guide sergeant; Jacob Stetson, 2nd Platoon guide sergeant; Justin Freeman, 3rd Platoon guide sergeant; Narathip Khanhansuk, 4th Platoon guide sergeant.

Stephen Wulff, Jackson Bartlett, Connor Culley, Robert Elmore, Chung-Cheng Hsiao, Teng-Yin Lin, Ryan Miccio, Douglas Moore, John Park, Patrick Piedad, Anthony Protogyrou, Zachary Remily, and Zachary Turek, corporals.

Company F

Capt. Andrew Eddleton, commander; Lt. Kevin Hedrick, executive officer; Abigail Dawson, 1st Platoon lieutenant; Jeremy Swiney, 2nd Platoon lieutenant; Logan Ridge, 3rd Platoon lieutenant; Collin Blake, 4th Platoon lieutenant.

Robert Diehl, first sergeant; Jacob Dixon, operations sergeant; James Murphy, master sergeant; Nicholas Mathis, 1st Platoon sergeant; Hu Ching-Wei, 2nd Platoon sergeant; Michelle Church, 3rd Platoon sergeant; Kelly Mackenzie, 4th Platoon sergeant; Jacob Shafer, 1st Platoon guide sergeant; Colin Wilson, 2nd Platoon guide sergeant; Shane Bohn, 3rd Platoon guide sergeant; Joshua Ford, 4th Platoon guide sergeant.

Patrick Eberhart, Thaddeus Kieser, Matthew Derito, Derek Emerson, Devon Florendo, Andrew Fry, Alexander Guerra, Scott Hayman, Zachary Kibler, Aron Long, Peter Melchione, Ryan Ritchie, and Muizz Valiani, corporals.

Company G

Capt. Terae Harris, commander; Lt. Matthew Marcenelle, executive officer; Timothy Potter, 1st Platoon lieutenant; Thomas Bower, 2nd Platoon lieutenant; Kord Pauley, 3rd Platoon lieutenant; Timothy Higgins, 4th Platoon lieutenant.

Claude Vanderberry, first sergeant; John Folta, operations sergeant; David Kniffin, master sergeant; Jayson Schaufert, 1st Platoon sergeant; Joseph Schmieley, 2nd Platoon sergeant; Zachary Enix, 3rd Platoon sergeant; Maxxamillion Hamm, 4th Platoon sergeant; Kevin Otte, 1st Platoon guide sergeant; Mitchell Sikes, 2nd Platoon guide sergeant; Alexandra Hastings, 3rd Platoon guide sergeant; Jacob Zent, 4th Platoon guide sergeant.

Martin Frasier, Anthony Bianchi, Maxwell Groene, Brian Hardick, Mackenzie Harrmann, Christian Jones, Jacob Kohn, Isaac Lewis, Luke Luccioni, Aidan O’Connor, Kevin Pettit, Thomas Rasche, and Daniel Whitaker, corporals.

Company H

Capt. Kyle Patten, commander; Lt. Jacob Lysher, executive officer; Jeffrey Miller, 1st Platoon lieutenant; Joshua Phillips, 2nd Platoon lieutenant; Edwin Higginbotham, 3rd Platoon lieutenant; Dylan Kelley, 4th Platoon lieutenant.

Joshua Washechek, first sergeant; Zachary Wood, operations sergeant; Edwin Nice, master sergeant; Oliver Maudhuit, 1st Platoon sergeant; Clayton White, 2nd Platoon sergeant; Johnpaul Bruchalski, 3rd Platoon sergeant; Stephen Lloyd, 4th Platoon sergeant; Gabriel Fisher, 1st Platoon guide sergeant; Tyler Hanson, 2nd Platoon guide sergeant; Michael Hicks, 3rd Platoon guide sergeant; Justin Walker, 4th Platoon guide sergeant.

Jacob Norris, Mitchell Downing, Travis Gordon, Thomas Lester, Lawrence Lincoln, Austin Murga, John Owens, Thomas Skibicki, Augustus Sortino, William Tabor, Evan Thompson, Stephen Trotman, and Ethan Zebron, corporals.

Company I

Capt. Ryan McDaniel, commander; Lt. Samuel Hollander, executive officer; Zach Stark, 1st Platoon lieutenant; Dominic Paoli, 2nd Platoon lieutenant; Jordan Hollowell, 3rd Platoon lieutenant; Nicole Augins, 4th Platoon lieutenant.

Brittney Matthews, first sergeant; Christopher Attanasio, operations sergeant; Brian Watkins, master sergeant; Andrew Frazier, 1st Platoon sergeant; Ryan Wilson, 2nd Platoon sergeant; Nicholas Platamone, 3rd Platoon sergeant; Theodore Anderson, 4th Platoon sergeant; John Richards, 1st Platoon guide sergeant; Joseph Jarrells, 2nd Platoon guide sergeant; Kevin Kneisler, 3rd Platoon guide sergeant; Alex Falten, 4th Platoon guide sergeant.

Dominic Mutter, Timothy Eddy, Maxwell Cormier, Derek Diesel, Brandon Fleming, Jacob Goult, Sean Knick, Jyun-Ting Lu, Emily Farsakian, Christian Rowcliffe, Mhairi Terra, John Merten, and Dillon Wright, corporals.

Band Company

Capt. Jackson Dixon, commander; Lt. Nicholas Millward, executive officer; Jack Leetun, 1st Platoon lieutenant; Keith MacDonald, 2nd Platoon lieutenant; Zachary Smith, 3rd Platoon lieutenant; Zachary Ratka, 4th Platoon lieutenant; Zachary Smith, drum major; Jason Peterson, pipe major.

Benjamin Field, first sergeant; Ryan Boaz, operations sergeant; Kurt Schommer, master sergeant; Fredrick Walker, 1st Platoon sergeant; Matthew Clausen, 2nd Platoon sergeant; Tiffany Haines, 3rd Platoon sergeant; Matthew Nobile, 4th Platoon sergeant; Benjamin Hayes, 1st Platoon guide sergeant; Ian Hogan, 2nd Platoon guide sergeant; Jacob Pullias, 3rd Platoon guide sergeant; Travis Gordon, 4th Platoon guide sergeant.

Travis Klein, Philip Crane, Cody Damewood, John Dante, Dylan Davis, Joseph LaMagna, Ryan Loe, Matthew Nielsen, Sean Rajman, Karl Tinson, Romil Pineda, Jacob Tyler, and Kaiying Wang, corporals.