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VMI Response to Roanoke Times Article

LEXINGTON, Va., Aug. 23, 2013 – The Roanoke Times published an article in today’s edition that recounts a former cadet’s allegations of an off-post sexual assault while she was a cadet here.

VMI is committed to ensuring all cadets, faculty, and staff members are treated with respect and professionalism, and that they have a safe environment in which to fulfill their duties. Female cadets have attended VMI since 1997 and in that time the Institute has developed policies and procedures to deal with situations in which individuals, male or female, may be victimized. As with all policies and procedures, we continuously review and update them based on evolving federal and state guidance as well as lessons learned and best practices.

VMI disputes many of the specifics of the situation described by the former cadet in the Roanoke Times article, as well as the conclusions she draws. We continued to communicate with her regarding these issues, even following her graduation in 2012. We are convinced that decisions made in this matter were made in the genuine belief that the Institute’s actions conformed to the expressly stated desires of the cadet and laws and regulations in effect at the time. We continue to be concerned for her welfare. Privacy concerns based in state and federal law prohibit VMI from commenting further.

VMI has full confidence in the judgment and professionalism of Institute officials involved in cadet safety issues.