Tax Information for Study Abroad Scholarships

 If you are NOT a citizen of the United States and you are applying for study abroad scholarships, please provide the following information. This information is necessary for tax purposes. If you receive any funding, please coordinate this information with Col. David Miller (International Programs Office) and Mrs. Marsha Mayhew (Comptroller's Office).

  1. Please provide your social security number or ITIN.
  2. Please provide your U.S. street address. 
  3. Please provide your foreign residence address. 
  4. Name of the country that issued your passport? 
  5. Passport expiration date? 
  6. Visa # (the red #, not the control #) 
  7. Have you ever had another immigration status or visa in the U.S.? 
  8. Is studying in a degree program, the primary activity of your visit? 
  9. What is the actual date you entered the U.S. for this primary activity? 
  10. What is the start date of your immigration status? 
  11. What is the end date of your immigration status? 
  12. Did tax residency in your country of residence end? If it did, when did it end?