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Andrew J. Eschelbacher, Ph.D.

Eschelbacher, AndrewAssistant Professor
English, Rhetoric, & Humanistic Studies

Ph.D. - University of Maryland, College Park
M.A. - Tulane University
B.A. - Davidson College

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MAJ Andrew Eschelbacher is an Assistant Professor of Art History in the Department of English, Rhetoric, and Humanistic Studies. He joined the faculty in 2013. MAJ Eschelbacher’s teaching focuses on developing students’ close looking, critical thinking, and strong writing skills. His courses emphasize the importance of visual literacy – for both historical inquiry and contemporary engagement – and lead students to analyze art and visual culture as forces that shape and reflect broad cultural values. In addition to teaching introductory surveys in the history of art, MAJ Eschelbacher offers courses that explore the modern and contemporary representation of gender, class, race, and colonial relationships in Europe and America.

MAJ Eschelbacher’s research investigates nineteenth-century European art at the convergence of local traditions and a new age forming under the pressures of science, nationalism, colonialism, and industry. His recent publications and scholarly presentations have focused on France’s Third Republic, considering painting and sculpture that engaged shifting social structures through cultural interventions in the urban environment or national exhibitions. He is currently developing a manuscript for a book-length study on the equivocations and ambiguities manifest in Jules Dalou's treatment of masculinity and progress in a series of public monuments between 1879 and 1902.