Office of the Commandant Staff

Organizational Chart

Wanovich, Bill

Colonel William J. Wanovich


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Levenson, Gary

Colonel Gary Levenson '80

Deputy Commandant

Dep. Commandant Office →

Hurlbut, L.E.

Colonel L. E. Hurlbut

Deputy Commandant Support

Dep. Commadant Support Office →

Fridley, Mitch

Colonel Mitchell Fridley '89

Deputy Commandant Training

Dep. Commandant Training Office →

Faust, Kevin

Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Faust '96

Assistant Commandant S1/S4

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Perry, Chris

Major Christopher Perry '05

Assistant Commandant S6/S7

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Bither, Bill

Lieutenant Colonel William Bither

Director of Corps Marksmanship & NCAA Rifle Coach

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Park, James

Colonel James Park

Institute Chaplain

Chaplain's Office →

Casper, John

Major John Casper

Associate Chaplain

Chaplain's Office →

Brodie, John

Colonel John Brodie

Band/Glee Club Director

Regimental Band Office →

Mitchell, Burt

Major Burt Mitchell

Pipe Band Director

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Neel, John

Sergeant Major John Neel

Sergeant Major to the Corps of Cadets

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Echavarria, Carmelo

Sergeant First Class Carmelo Echevarria III

Battalion Operations & Training Sergeant

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Bean, Chris

Sergeant First Class Christopher Bean

Battalion Operations & Training Sergeant

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