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VMI Spanish Drills

Welcome to the Virginia Military Institute online Spanish language drills. The Spanish grammar exercises that follow are intended for use by students and faculty alike. My goal is to write informative, useful, and practical language drills applicable to all levels, specifically secondary school and university. I have tried to write grammar explanations in the most direct and practical manner possible, without bogging down explanations with exceptions to the rule. These exercises are in traditional conceptual-learning order. If you are looking for a specific grammar point, please use the FIND ON THIS PAGE key.

These free interactive Spanish exercises are written with the Hot Potatoes Half-Baked Software program produced by the University of Victoria CALL laboratory. You can learn more about this software by going to: http://web.uvic.ca/hrd/halfbaked/  

For more information about VMI and its Modern Language Department, click on the VMI website. If you would like to send comments regarding these drills, please email Kathleen Bulger-Barnett  

A few things about nouns and gender
Singular and plural forms of nouns
Definite articles
Indefinite articles
A review of definite and indefinite articles
Verbs 101: The concept of persons
Persons and Number
Verbs 101: What's an infinitive?
Adjective review
More practice going from singular to plural  

The verb SER
Telling time
More practice with time
The verb ESTAR
AR verbs
Practice with AR verbs
Practice with AR vocabulary
ER Verbs
Practice with ER present tense verbs
Practice with ER vocabulary
Present Tense IR verbs
Practice with IR verbs
Practice with IR verb vocabulary  

O-UE stem change verbs
E-IE Stem change verbs
E-I Stem change verbs
Recognizing stem change verbs
Practice with stem change verbs
Go Verbs: verbs with Irregular Yo
Stem change Go Verbs
Uses of TENER
Weather statements
Practice with present tense verbs
More practice with present tense verbs  

Lower Level Reading Comprehension Practice
The Present Progressive
Practice with the present progressive
Present progressive with double-stem change verbs, etc.
Additional Present Progressive Practice
Hace +time: How to express how long you've been doing something
The Present Perfect
Irregular Present Perfects
The Past Perfect
Irregular Past Perfects  

Preterit I: AR Verbs
Preterit II: AR verbs with spelling changes
Preterit III: ER verbs
Preterit IV: IR verbs
Preterit V: IR Stem Change Preterits
Preterit VI: Preterits with Spelling changes
Preterit VII: Irregular preterits
Practice with Irregular Preterits
Preterit vs. imperfect  

Imperfect forms
Imperfect formation practice
Imperfect: When to use it
Imperfect vs. Preterit  

Ago: How to express the concept of AGO
Practice with AGO
Indirect object pronouns I
Indirect Object Pronouns II
Direct Object pronouns I
Direct Object pronouns II: Placement choice
Reflexive verbs I
Reflexive verbs II
Reflexive Verbs III
Reflexives IV
Reflexives V: Perfect Tenses
Reflexives VI: Placement choice
Reflexive VII: Preterits  

Subjunctive 101: Three major uses
Subjunctive I: General Concept
Subjunctive II: Formation
Subjunctive 101: The 4th use
Subjunctive III: Practice using subjunctive
Subjunctive IV: Short answer subjunctives
Subjunctive 101: The final use (adverbial clauses)
Subjunctive V: Practice with adverbial clauses
Subjunctive VI: Practice with all 5 reasons
Subjunctive VII: Formation practice
Present Perfect Subjunctive I
Present Perfect Subjunctive II
Combo Subjunctive Deluxe
Informal commands I: Indirect to direct commands
Formal commands  

Future I
Future II
Future III
Verbomania I: Conjugation drill
Late elementary review I
Late elementary review II
Late Elementary Review III
Verbomania II: Low Intermediate
Verbomaia III: Late Intermediate