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Summer Research Projects Announced

FullTextImage/img/@altThe Summer Undergraduate Research Institute allows cadets to work intensively with a faculty mentor. -- VMI File Photo by H. Lockwood McLaughlin.

LEXINGTON, Va., March 21, 2014 – Virginia Military Institute has announced its cadet-faculty mentor pairs for the 2014 session of the Summer Undergraduate Research Institute, to be conducted under the auspices of the VMI Center for Undergraduate Research.

SURI, as the program is known, allows selected cadets to conduct independent, graduate-level research during the summer months. This year, 65 cadets will participate in the program, which is funded by the Jackson-Hope Fund, VMI Research Laboratories, and project-specific external sources.

In keeping with the spirit of the Jackson-Hope Fund, the awards are spread across nearly all academic departments and will support faculty in various stages of their careers and students in different years of their cadetships.

In addition to the awards below, V-CUR will provide partial support to cadets participating in undergraduate research through their involvement in Applied and Industrial Mathematics, the memorandum of understanding between VMI and Virginia Commonwealth University, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Math Education and Resource Center, the biology department’s Dr. Fred C. Swope Summer Scholars Program and the chemistry department’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program.

Participating cadets, their faculty mentors, and their fields of study are as follows:

Biology – Max LaBrague and Armando Dos Reis-Herrera , Maj. Emily Lilly; David Pody, Maj. Emily Lilly and Maj. Paul Moosman; John Winalski, Col. Jim Turner.

Biology/Modern Languages and Cultures – Tessa Smith, Col. Wade Bell and Col. Kathleen Bulger-Barnett.

Biology/Physical Education – Gloria Welch, Lt. Col. Mike Krackow.

Chemistry – John Tyler Lancaster, Jacob Hyde, and Mark Roberts, Maj. Dan Harrison; Matthew Nobile, Lt. Col. Dan McCain; Brent Clark, Lt. Col. Stan Smith.

Computer Science – Nishant Singh, Col. Mohamed Eltoweissy.

Civil and Environmental Engineering – Peter Buehlmann, Lt. Col. Tim Moore; Giustino Iuliano, Col. Grigg Mullen; Jacob Freeman, Lt. Col. Chuck Newhouse; Gregory Hempt, Maj. Matt Swenty.

Economics and Business – Gianluca Mangiapane, Maj. Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl.

Electrical and Computer Engineering – Joseph LaMagna and Dillon Blackburn-Jones, Col. Jim Squire.

History – Nicholas Hassell, Maj. Houston Johnson; Hayden Whetstone, Maj. John Matsui.

International Studies – Madeleine Julienne, Lt. Col. Dennis Foster; Kyle Taylor, Maj. Brent Hierman.

Mechanical Engineering – Zachary Harth, Capt. Bob McMasters.

Psychology – Steven Trayer, Lt. Col. Scott Frein; Timothy Hostler, Lt. Col. Glenn Sullivan.

Physics/Astronomy – Graham Martin and James Theuer, Col. John Thompson; Minghanbo Liu, Lt. Col. Daniela Topasna; Bennett Lynde, Col. Stacey Vargas.