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Honors Week Features Society Inductions

FullTextImage/img/@altCadet Rory C. Dillon gives his senior thesis presentation. -- VMI Photo by Kevin Remington.

LEXINGTON, Va., April 4, 2014 -- A number of Virginia Military Institute cadets were inducted into academic honor societies, and 19 cadets gave senior thesis presentations, during VMI Honors Week, held March 24-28. The purpose of Honors Week is to recognize and celebrate academic achievement across all departments and disciplines.

The following members of the class of 2017 were inducted into Phi Eta Sigma, the national freshman honor society: Austin Bajc, Aidan Ball, Colin Ball, Joseph Baumann, Anthony Best, Charles Borinstein, Blaise Boullianne, Kane Carlton, Yao-Jen Chang, Tyler Corcoran, Matthew Cournow, Stephen Eller, Otmer Elmore III, Olivia Emery, Madison Eure, Conrad Frawley, Scott Frazier, Jake Freiwald, Austin Hartness, Theo Haubold, Kacie Heinz, Eric Hess, William Hubbard, Bailey Huddleston, Philip Jewett, Will Johnston, William Kantor, Trevor Karn, Brian Kiddy, and Joshua Kuzel.

Also inducted were Grayson Larus, Holmes Laughon, Connor Loken, Daniel Maisonville, Emily Marbury, Alton Martin III, Tyson McClellan, Ashley McManus, Juan Montalvo IV, Vania Murcia, Henry Mureithi, Bradly Paul, Alyssa Petrocco, John Phillips, David Pody, Evan Richey, Mark Roberts, Austin Ross, Mack Shehee, Rachel Tanner, Zachary Taylor, Jonathan Wagner, Calum Wallace, Paul Whiteman, and Eric Wicks.

The following individuals were inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, a collegiate honor society for all academic disciplines: Dr. Reshef Agam-Segal, Dr. Dennis M. Foster, Phat Dieu Atran ’14, Junru Chen ’14, Terae Harris ’14, Gianluca Mangiapane ’14, Hannah Dickinson ’15, Thomas Goolsby ’15, Dylan Guthrie ’15, Tyler Hacker ’15, Robert Hendren ’15, Wesley Jacobs ’15, Gary LeClair Jr. ’15, Henry Meredith ’15, Robert Michie ’15, Harper Niver ’15, Taylor Rafaly ’15, Kimberly Smith ’15, Jacob Stetson ’15, Jonathan Vignali ’15, Justin Walker ’15, and James Whippo ’15.

Listed below are the department-specific honor societies that held inductions during honors week.

Biology, Beta Beta Beta, promoted from associate to full membership: Robert H. Hendren ’15, Harper Niver ’15, Hannah Dickinson ’15, Katheryne Austin ’15, Kimberly Smith ’15, Justin Walker ’15, Robert Diehl ’15, Kurt Schommer ’15, and Andrew Chang ’14.

Biology, Beta Beta Beta, regular membership: Spencer K. Buettner ’15, Matthew R. Clausen ’15, Zachary D. Jones ’15, James A. Marsh ’15, Garrett Parsons ’15, Nicolas S. Platamone ’15, Brice A. Scott ’15, Andrew Tarasidis ’15, Nathan J. Webster ’15, Jeffrey C. Willis ’15, Jonathan D. Winters II ’15, and Alexis I. Wissinger ’15.

Chemistry, Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Zachary A. Ratka ’14, Logan S. Carpenter ’15, Mark A. Collie ’15, Dylan M. Guthrie ’15, Matthew P. Nobile ’15, and Zachary S. Wood ’15.

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu: Kyle Rios ’15, Dylan Blackburn-Jones ’15, Mark Esposito ’15, Kyle Morse ’15, Jacob Pullias ’15, Joseph La Magna ’16, and Devon Florendo ’16.

Engineering, Tau Beta Phi: Nicholas D. Dreybus ’15 (civil engineering) and Claude B. Vanderberry ’15 (mechanical engineering).

English, Sigma Tau Delta: Elizabeth A. Affronti ’15, Tyler J. Lighton ’15, Sean B. Murphy ’14, David M. Souliotis ’15, James R. Whippo ’15, and Jacob R. Zent ’15.

Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma: Kelvin Ulloa ’14, Terae Harris ’14, Zachary Harth ’15, Ching-Wei Hu ’15, Thomas Goolsby ’15, and Ben Vanderberry ’15.

Modern Languages and Cultures, Pi Delta Phi, (French): Isaac M. Lewis ’16, Kelly R. MacKenzie ’15, Daniel Z. Robinson ’16, Matthew J. Tonkinson ’16, Maj. Abbey Carrico, and Maj. Jeff Kendrick.

Modern Languages and Cultures, Delta Phi Alpha, (German): Benjamin R. Field ’15, Robert M. Macias ’14, Thomas E. O’Connell ’15, and Chantal E. Stark ’15.

Modern Languages and Cultures, Phi Sigma Iota (international): Parker J. Blazevich ’14 (Arabic), Nicholas V. Boline ’15, Isaac J. Copes ’15 (Arabic), Jacob L. Kohn ’16 (Arabic), Chantal E. Stark ’15 (Spanish), Maj. Abbey Carrico, and Maj. Jeff Kendrick.

Modern Languages and Cultures, Sigma Delta Pi, (Spanish): Nicholas V. Boline ’15, Chih-Yuan Chen, ’14, William H. Dodson ’14, Meghan A. Doss ’14, Christopher S. Gill ’14, Jack H. Gotwalt ’14, Maxxamillion A. Hamm ’15, Harper E. Niver ’15, Douglas M. Passero ’15, Taylor D. Rafaly ’15, Jeremy M. Sanders ’15, David M. Souliotis ’15, and Chantal E. Stark ’15.

Psychology, Psi Chi: Eva R. Edelbrock ’14 and Conrad K. Wharton Jr. ’15.

Three academic departments are planning induction ceremonies for April:

Economics and Business, Beta Gamma Sigma (business): Zachary S. Wilkinson ’14, Wesley C. Jacobs ’15, Henry W. Meredith ’15, Gianluca Mangiapane ’15, Gary D. LeClair ’15, and Renee A. M. Reives ’15.

Economics and Business, Omicron Delta Epsilon (economics): Richard R. Gleason ’14, Andrew M. Marcotte ’14, John A. Sullivan III ’14, Henry W. Meredith ’15, Mangiapane Gianluca ’15, Richard J. Siewers Jr. ’15, Nicholas V. Boline ’15, Benjamin R. Field ’15, Eric S. Groleau ’15, Travis K. Hawkins ’15, Gary D. LeClair Jr. ’15, and Renee A.M. Reives ’15.

Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma: Yi-Hsuan Lai ’14, Nolan F. Landers ’15, Joseph D. Tharp ’15, Scott A. Cox ’16, Robert A. Elmore ’16, Mackenzie M. Harrmann ’16, Chung-Cheng Hsiao ’16, Ben R. Lynde ’16, Graham W. Martin ’16, and Patrick K.M. Piedad ’16.

The History Department will hold an induction ceremony for that discipline’s honor society, Phi Alpha Theta, the week of April 21. Names of inductees will be posted at a later date.