Brooke Higgins
Executive Secretary

Email Protocol
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303A Letcher Avenue
Virginia Military Institute
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VMI Protocol Office

The Protocol Office provides direct support for visitors involved with the Superintendent and his staff. The office provides protocol guidance and direction with itineraries, seating plans, flag courtesies, and escort duties for all departments or staff who have distinguished visitors at VMI. At a minimum, the Protocol Office should be advised of all visitors coming to VMI.

All staff, agencies, and academic departments at VMI who have a VIP scheduled to visit VMI should notify the Dean’s Office by filling out the appropriate form. Departments handle their own activities, but should coordinate information on their visitors with the Dean’s Office which will keep the Protocol Office informed of all visitors/guest speakers.

1. The Protocol Office coordinates requirements for key visitors, to include itineraries, seating charts, flag requirements, gifts, transportation, and invitations.

2. The Protocol Office is available to recommend gifts for visitors. Records are maintained so as to ensure that returning visitors will not receive repeat gifts.

3. The Protocol Office has a designated car to provide transportation for VIPs or dignitaries as requested. The car may be used by other VMI personnel for special visitors when coordinated through the Protocol Office in advance.

4. The Protocol Office maintains lists of all local dignitaries, to include VMI alumni and former faculty and staff members, for possible invitations to parades and other key events as appropriate.

5. The Protocol Office assists the Superintendent's Office with invitations and RSVPs for events.

6. The Protocol Office is responsible for escorting and caring for the visiting dignitaries that attend Institute events (e.g. Matriculation, Graduation).

7. Protocol will inform the Commandant’s Office of guests approved by the superintendent to take reviews and parades. Protocol is responsible for escorts and seating charts for parades. Protocol will provide necessary biographical information on guests taking reviews or parades to the Commandant's Office for appropriate narrative.

8. Protocol coordinates with the Commandant's Office when colors or general officer flags are required for events.

9. Protocol coordinates with the Communications and Marketing Office for pictures to be taken of VIPs and dignitaries at key events.

10. If requested, Protocol will help guide departments on how to make invitations, place cards, name tags, etc., for an event.

Above all, it is the mission of the VMI Protocol Office to provide a comfortable, dignified, and gracious atmosphere for all visitors to the Institute. In this regard, it is on the front lines of ambassadorship and goodwill.