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Academic Advising

Cadet Athlete Development

 Registrar's Office
Teresa Evans
Administrative Assistant

P:  (540) 464-7213
F:  (540) 464-7726

Virginia Military Institute
303 Shell Hall
Lexington, VA  24450

Role of the Cadet

The cadet seeks assistance from the faculty advisor and other VMI personnel to explore and clarify academic, career and life goals.  The cadet develops a plan to accomplish objectives in each area.  The cadet takes advantage of learning opportunities on and off Post.  The cadet becomes increasingly self-sufficient over the four year process by satisfying year-specific responsibilities.  The cadet remembers that faculty advisors will endeavor to provide all reasonable assistance for their education, but that degree completion and program monitoring are the cadet’s primary responsibility.

Cadets Should:

Calculating GPA by hand

How to Increase your GPA

GPA Projection Tool for 2014 & younger cadets