Military Achievements

Awards were presented to the following Civil Engineering cadets at the Institute Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, 14 May 2009, in Cameron Hall:

Cadet Sean M. Peterson '09 was awarded The MG J.A.B. Dillard Jr. 1942 Award as a member of the graduating class who was awarded a commission in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Cadet John M. Saunders '09 was awarded The Commander Harry Millard Mason Military Proficiency Award as the graduating cadet selected as the most militarily proficient.  Saunders also received the Kennedy Award - AS 400.

Cadets Matthew C. Covalt '11 and Timothy R. Howard '10 were awarded The 100th Infantry Division LTC Withers A. Burress Scholarship Fund Award, presented on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and military proficiency in honor of the men of the 100th Infantry Division and their Commander, LTC Withers A. Burress, 1914.

Cadet Keith L. Taylor II, '09 received The Marshall Citizen-Soldier Award as the cadet whose career as a cadet has most closely paralleled that of Gen. George C. Marshall, Class of 1901.

Cadet Philip Joerdens IV, '09 received an AFROTC Meritorious Service Award--AS 400s.  Joerdens also received a Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Award for AS 400.

Cadet Erik M. Blum '10 received an AFROTC Commendation Award--AS 300s.  Blum also received a Military Officer Association -- AS 300 Award.

Cadet Hugo R. Bustamante '10 received an AFROTC Achievement Award--AS 300s.  Bustamante also received a Warrior Spirit Award for AS 300.

Cadet Christopher P. Dommert '10 received an American Legion Award for Scholastic Excellence--AS 300.

Cadet Christopher W. Cashen '11 received a Military Order of World Wars (MOWW) Medal-AS 200.

Cadet Celine M. Ziobro '09 received the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) AS 400 Award.  Ziobro also received a nomination for the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Award for AS 400.

Cadet Michael J. Fiorelli '12 received an American Legion Scholastic Excellence Award.