Approved Electives

The following list identifies those courses accepted by the CEE Department for satisfying the humanities-social science (HS) electives. Cadets must meet individual course departmental prerequisites.



EC201, EC202, EC300, EC306, EC307, EC330, EC401, EC402, EC403, EC404, EC405, EC407, EC408, EC409, EC410, EC412




EN200, EN201, EN202, EN209, EN308, EN310, EN312, EN316, EN318, EN320, EN326, EN350, EN352, EN356, EN360, EN363, EN372, EN374, EN376, EN378, EN401, EN 413, EN420, EN423, EN450, EN454, EN455

Environmental Leadership 

EL201 Fine Arts FA207, FA251, FA252, FA340, FA346, FA362, FA364, FA383, FA385


HI205, HI206, HI307, HI308, HI313, HI314, HI315, HI319, HI321, HI322, HI324, HI325, HI330, HI331, HI333, HI334, HI335, HI346, HI348, HI350, HI352, HI354, HI356, HI361, HI365, HI368, HI373, HI374, HI375, HI382, HI383, HI384, HI425, HI426, HI430, HI451, HI452, HI453, HI454, HI474

Modern Languages 

Elementary foreign language courses must be taken in sequence within in the same language. For example, SP101, SP102, and SP201 is an acceptable sequence, but AR101, FR101, and SP101 is not. AR101, AR102, AR201, AR202, AR301, AR302, AR315, FR101, FR102, FR201, FR202, FR303, FR304, FR305, FR306, FR314, FR315, FR407, FR416, FR417, FR418, FR419, FR420, GR101, GR102, GR201, GR202, GR303, GR304, GR307, GR308, GR314, GR315, GR414, GR415, GR416, GR417, GR418, GR419, JP101, JP102, JP201, JP202, JP301, JP302, SP101, SP102, SP201, SP202, SP303, SP305, SP314, SP315, SP402, SP405, SP406, SP409, SP411, SP412, SP421, SP422, SP423, SP425, SP426


PH201, PH202, PH304, PH307


PS201, PS301, PS302, PS303, PS305, PS306, PS307, PS308, PS313

Political Science 

PO201, PO314, PO325, PO327, PO328, PO331, PO333, PO334, PO342, PO343, PO344, PO345, PO346


As approved by CEE Department Head