Our Mission:  What Makes VMI Unique

Perhaps the most important component of the department’s drive toward accreditation was the development of a mission statement. Recent changes in AACSB accreditation standards allow institutions to develop their own unique mission statement, then be evaluated on how well they accomplish that mission. The mission statement found on the department’s website has gone through numerous iterations involving faculty, students, alumni, and business leaders.

 The mission statement is the heart of our academic program. It consists of four equally important components.

  • Finding the right students
  • Creating the proper learning environment
  • Offering a state-of-the-art 21st Century curriculum
  • Recruiting and developing a first-rate faculty

Students: To accomplish our mission we must find the right students, young men and women who not only meet the admissions standards of VMI, but who also have a passion for being 21st century leaders.

Environment: We strive to create a learning environment that is dedicated to bringing out the best our students. Our faculty is dedicated to developing future leaders by getting to know our students as individuals and understanding their strengths.

Curriculum: We continually review our curriculum to ensure that it stimulates intellectual curiosity, and at the same time, gives our graduates the skills to excel in the global market place. Our department is small enough that we can tailor learning and research interests to meet the specific needs of our students.

Faculty: To create the right learning environment and to teach the 21st Century curriculum, our faculty is composed of excellent teachers and scholars whose primary goal is to bring out the best in our students. With our low student to faculty ratio, we can focus on students as individual, not numbers.