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Biology Disciplinary Resources

From the FLAGuide resources page

Access Excellence
"Access Excellence, launched in 1993, is a national educational program that provides high school biology and life science teachers access to their colleagues, scientists, and critical sources of new scientific information via the World Wide Web." [quote taken from website] The website offers a "Classrooms of the 21st Century" and an "Activities Exchange" section that provides lab activities and advice on teaching for critical thinking or use of assessments in biology education. The site also offers threaded discussions on topics in biology education.

Association for Biology Laboratory Education
Although the website is primarily devoted to curriculum and pedagogy in biology laboratories, a quick review of the workshop/conference proceedings may provide glimpses of assessment instruments.

Beyond Bio 101:The Transformation of Undergraduate Biology Education
This website present a report by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute that describes the changes that undergraduate biology education is experiencing. Two major sections deals with the classroom: Changes in the Classroom, The Laboratory Experience, and Faculty in the Crossfire. 

Biology Education On-Line (BEOn)
BEOn is an on-line, peer-reviewed journal devoted to publishing "new, interactive, participatory resources that exemplify the multimedia capabilities inherent in the Internet for the advancement of teaching and learning science, consistent with the goals and standards found in the National Science Education Standards and the AAAS Benchmarks for Science Literacy." [quote taken from website]

BioQuest Curriculum Consortium
The BioQuest Curriculum Consortium offers a variety of curriculum resources. For a fee, one can purchase the BioQuest Library, a "peer-reviewed publication contains more than 70 tools, simulations, databases, and other resources used in undergraduate biology" [quote taken from website]. One of BioQuest's current projects of note is called "LifeLines Online" and consists of case studies for use in community college classrooms.

National Association of Biology Teachers
NABT has a section on their website for Education and Professional Development that provides information on workshops and resources in biology education.

Research, Development, and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education: A Web Guide for Non-Biologists (REDCUBE)
From website, "REDCUBE provides physicists and other non-biologists with a web window on the wonderful world of biology-education research and reform. It contains 47 biology-educator profiles; 446 references (including 124 relevant to general science-education reform); and 490 hot-linked URL's on (a) Biology Associations, (b) Biology Teacher's Web Sites, (c) Scientific Societies and Projects (not confined to Biology), (d) Higher Education, (e) Cognitive Science and Psychology, (f) U.S. Government, and (g) Searches and Directories. The references and URL's may be generally useful to teachers and education researchers, and provide some ideas for improving research and hastening reform."

Student Active Science On-line Book
Saunders College Publishing has published the Student Active Science book and offers it free online as an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file. Sections of the book deal with assessment.

The Biology Project
Devoted to the on-line, interactive learning of biology, the Biology Project website provides activities and problem sets in key areas of biology. Students who work through the problem set can work through a tutorial to help them answer the problems correctly.

Workshop Biology
The Workshop Biology project has a section that enables biology educators to download assessment instruments into their classroom. Visitors can download: a testbank of biology questions, a science literacy questionnaire, an attitude about biology inventory, and mid- and end-of-term course evaluations. In addition, the site has many activities for use in the classroom.