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Mathematics Disciplinary Resources

The Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAGuide: ) is a rich source of information about assessment.

Mathematical thinking: 

Other sources from the FLAGuide for Mathematics

  • Math Forum
    The MathForum at Drexel University offers resources on mathematics and mathematics education. In its "Mathematics Education" section, the Math Forum provides articles and links on assessment. 
  • Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education CommunityThe purpose of RUMEC is to foster collaborative research in undergraduate mathematics education. Although no assessments are provided on the site, the site does provide abstracts of papers on student understanding in, and attitudes toward, mathematics (such as details in abstract algebra, statistics, calculus). 
  • Secondary Mathematics Assessment and Resource Database (SMARD)The SMARD website provides a searchable database for math problems to be used in a variety of classrooms. Problems can be downloaded and are ready for use in a class. 
  • SIGMAA on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (RUME)SIGMAA on RUME is a special interest group of the Mathematics Association of American whose mission is "to foster research on learning and teaching undergraduate mathematics and to provide a support network for those who participate in this area of research." (quote taken from website). The site offers a searchable database of math problems and of published papers in mathematics education. 
  • Supporting Assessment in Undergraduate Mathematics (SAUM)The SAUM website is an NSF-funded project of the Mathematical Association of America (MMA) that provides case studies on the use of assessment at all levels in mathematics undergraduate education, from the institutional to the departmental to the classroom level. Case studies are written by mathematics instructors and/or evaluators of mathematics reform programs. Each case study has a consistent design that includes sections on: background and purpose, method, findings, use of findings, success factors, and references. In addition, the site offers professional development opportunities for faculty interested in assessment in undergraduate mathematics. 
  • Resources for Mathematics from Florida Atlantic University Resources for Colleges and Academic Departments 
  • American Statistical Association:  Center for Statistics Education - Undergraduate 
  • Mathematical Association of America:  Supporting Assessment in Undergraduate Mathematics 
  • Pennsylvania State University:Elementary Statistics Course Redesign 
  • Rio Salado College:  Introductory Algebra Course Redesign 
  • Weber State University:  Mathematics