Dr. Greg Clark
On Thursday, March 6, 2008 Greg Clark presented his ideas on the Pre-industrial Economy and the Evolution of Modern Preferences as part of the Dean's Lecture Series.  Dr. Clark is professor of economics at the University of California – Davis where teaches economic history.  His research focuses on long run economic growth and the wealth of nations.  Dr. Clark earned degrees from King’s College, Cambridge, and Harvard.  He is also the author of “A Farewell to Alms” A Brief Economic History of the World.  The event, held in Moody Hall, was open to the public and sponsored by the Dean's Lecture Series.

Mr Oliver Kuttner
On March 27th, 2008, SBD and ODE held their second speaking event of the school year.  The speaker was Mr. Oliver Kuttner, a successful land developer from Charlottesville, VA.  There were over thirty cadets in attendance, which was awesome.  I think the cadets were surprised when they found out that a guy dressed like he just finished working at the Third Barracks construction site all day was worth eight-figures.  Oliver spoke about how he became involved in real estate and gave us a lot of advice as he reached different parts in his speech.  He emphasized that we should not be scared to change careers and should always be open to more than one thing in our lives.  Seeing how his speech ended at about 2040, and he did not leave until 2130 because of all the questions, I feel the cadets really enjoyed the speech and were appreciative of all the advice and knowledge that Oliver was giving them.  Thank you for all your support you have given SBD and ODE throughout the year.  It is encouraging to know that everyone is behind what we are doing.

Mr. Shaun Redgate
SBD and ODE had their first event of September 11th, 2007.  The speaker was Mr. Shaun Redgate, a Private Client Manager at US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management.  There were about 15 cadets in attendance, which was excellent.  They were able to listen to Shaun speak about how he became an Economics major and about working his way from a Portfolio Analyst to his current position, Private Client Manager.  A few things he spoke out was communication among his clients, teamwork within the office, and being hungry/aggressive in the search for new clients.  The topic of speaking and writing well came up a couple times, and he mentioned it as one key to his success.  I want to thank you for your support and for encouraging your classes to attend the event.  We kicked off the year with a bang!!!