Vision, Mission, Statement of Values

The department’s mission statement has been the focal point of our drive toward accreditation. This year, we expanded our focus to include a vision statement and a statement of values. Using both a Business Advisory Committee and a Cadet Advisory Committee, the department went through an exhaustive review process to arrive at the vision statement shown below:

To be a premier undergraduate economics and business program in which faculty and students work toward the common goal of developing leaders who are ethical in conduct, competent in decision making, and capable of making a positive contribution to the American free enterprise system. 

The same review process was used to affirm the mission statement, which is essentially unchanged from last year. The mission statement consists of four equally important components.

  • Finding the right students
  • Creating the proper learning environment
  • Offering a state-of-the-art 21st Century curriculum
  • Recruiting and developing a first-rate faculty

For the statement of values, the department, in conjunction with our advisory committees, developed a statement of values that focuses on what we consider our most important product—good teaching.

The statement of values is as follows:

The department of economics and business values excellence in teaching, to include: 

  • clear and concise expectations that provide students with a roadmap to success; 
  • high standards that challenge students to perform to the best of their ability; 
  • rapport with students that encourages them to perform to those high standards. 

In addition, the department values: 

  • students who are eager to learn and willing to dedicate themselves to the highest level of achievement; 
  • intellectual curiosity in both faculty and students; 
  • an environment that promotes teamwork, encourages innovation, and rewards initiative.