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Holly Leech   
Commandant Office Manager

P:  (540) 464-7313
F: (540) 464-7748
OC: 540-464-7293 (OB 135)
Evening/Night OC:–540-464-7962 (OB 123) or 540-464-7285  (NB 496)
Guard Room:  540-464-7294 (Jackson Arch)

Commandant's Office
Virginia Military Institute
Jackson Arch, Barracks
Lexington, VA 24450

Strength Club

This club is made up of the Body Building Club, the Powerlifting Club, Strongman, etc.

Bodybuilding is a sport that combines proper nutrition, cardiovascular training, and, most importantly, muscular development to achieve a well developed physique.  The athlete must compete in a posing routine and must perform several mandatory poses in front of the judges.  The athlete is then judged on symmetry, size, aesthetics, and muscle tone.  Athletes compete in weight classes beginning at 143 lbs. and ending at 225 lbs.+Strongman.

Powerlifting is a weight lifting competition sport consisting of three lifts: the squat, the bench press, and the dead lift. The lifter is given three attempts to achieve a maximum weight lifted in each of the three lifts. Each lift has rules and regulations for what constitutes a valid lift.The lifter is judged by total amount of combined weight lifted in each of the three lifts. Athletes compete in 10 weight classes ranging from 114 lbs. all the way to 275 lbs.+. Powerlifting is not Olympic lifting and is not an Olympic sport. 

Strongman is a strength sport where the athlete competes in various odd lifts ranging from tractor tire flips to truck/car pulls.  Strongman competitions combine events not only of strength, but also of cardiovascular and muscular endurance.  The athletes compete in four weight classes, ranging from under 200 lbs. to 265 lbs+.