Marathon Club


The Marathon Club competes in races at many different distances, including 5k, 10k, 10 milers, and half and full marathons, during the entire academic year.   Team members train and compete to meet their personal goals, which range from modest improvements in speed and form to qualifying for the Boston Marathon in April.  The club uses group runs and workouts to build confidence and camaraderie.  The team has performed very well in local,  regional, and national races in recent years. 

Head Coach: Sam Allen
Cadet in Charge: Geophery Mills 
Assistant Cadet in Charge: Eric Tyson 


September 26 2011 : 4 cadets and Lt. Col. Allen attended the Cruxy Half Marathon at Wintergreen. The cadets performed exceptionally well the on rigorous and challenging course. The mountain course was listed as a half-marathon; however, the total distance was not apparent as it was listed as 13.1 miles, 13.8 miles, and 14.6 miles according to race documents. The course consisted of approximately 52% single-track trails, 21% mountain roads and 27% pavement, with an average grade of 11%. From start to finish, runners descended 3,981 feet and ascended 3,974 feet. Ten percent of the starting runners did not finish the race. VMI cadets accounted for 3 of the top 6 slots, with all VMI runners finishing in the top 11.


Age  Overall  Name  Net Time  Gun Time  Pace  
2nd  3rd  Christopher Wunsch  2:12:49 2:12:52 9:55
4th  5th  Logan O'Day  2:15:01 2:15:01 10:05
5th  6th  Trae Mann 2:16:22 2:16:22 10:11
6th  11th  Lucas Moffett  2:21:20 2:21:23 10:34

Cadets Nick McFarland '11, Lansing Wilson '11 and Rob Straskulic '11

Cadet Geoph Mills '11

Cadet Kittisak Siripollawat '11 
Cadet Nick McFarland '11