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Major Deidre Garriott
Writing Center Coordinator and Assistant Professor of English 

Ph:  (540) 464-7483

The Writing Center
Virginia Military Institute
215 Carroll Hall
Lexington, Virginia 24450

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Information for Instructors

The Writing Center Lab at Virginia Military InstituteOur goal is to improve cadets’ written communication skills by providing them with professional tutorial help in the planning, drafting, and revising of their essays, research papers, reports, case studies, and the like. In general, we hope to reinforce those very habits of inquiry and analysis students learn in the classroom.

We approach writing as a process—a method of investigation—and thus a way of thinking and learning. Our aim is to guide students in asking the right questions about their work, thereby improving their ability to revise their own compositions. In this way, the Writing Center helps develop the ability to think critically and creatively and to communicate effectively (VMI Strategic Plan, 1999).

Recognizing that different disciplines adhere to different conventions, we work closely with individual instructors to determine their special requirements and to help the students satisfy them. Toward this end, our staff includes tutors with experience in writing for business and the sciences as well as the liberal arts.

We hope you will encourage your students to use the Writing Center, where the help they receive adheres to the Institute’s Work-for-Grade policy.  Be assured that each time a student of yours visits us, you will receive a Conference Report detailing the kind of help he or she received.  We also advise cadets to specify “Help Received—Writing Center” when submitting written work for a grade.

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