The Pipe Band

Listen: When Johnnie Comes Marching Home Again - Scotland the Brave

Throughout History, the bagpipe has been used as an instrument of war; its sound can inspire troops into battle while simultaneously instilling fear into the hearts the enemy.

The VMI Pipe Band, directed by Maj. Burt Mitchell keeps this tradition alive, now as a ceremonial unit, instilling pride in the Corps of Cadets as a regular feature of on post parades and as musical ambassadors throughout the Eastern United States through concerts, parades, ceremonies and festivals.

  • Pipe Major:  Cadet 2nd Lt. Jack Leetun
  • Drum Major:  Cadet 2nd Lt. Jason Peterson

Scheduled Performances

12/7 - Dominion Christmas Parade, Richmond, VA
2/22  - Sons of the Revolution George Washington B-day Dinner, Richmond, VA
3/16-18 - St. Patrick's Day Parade, Savannah, GA
4/12 - Scots/Irish Heritage Festival, Lexington, VA

About the Uniform 

The tartan worn by the Pipes and Drums is the New Market Battlefield Tartan. Named for the battle in which the Corps of Cadets distinguished themselves, the primary colors of the tartan are the school colors of red, yellow, and white, along with blue-gray of cadet uniform.

Designed by Cadet Donny Hasseltine and Donald Frasier of Scotland, the tartan also has four minor stripes of Light Blue, Green, Dark Blue, and Black, which represent the four ROTC programs at VMI, that of Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines. The topcoat worn by the Pipe and Drums is the cadet Coatee, which is the standard formal parade uniform for Corps of Cadets.

For information about the Pipe Band, contact Maj. Burt Mitchell at

Col. John Brodie
Director of Music

Maj. Burt Mitchell
Pipe Band Director

202 Shell Hall
P: (540) 464-7646 (Reg)
P: (540) 464-7231 (Pipe)
F: (540) 464-7748