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Major Deidre Garriott
Writing Center Coordinator and Assistant Professor of English 

Ph:  (540) 464-7483

The Writing Center
Virginia Military Institute
215 Carroll Hall
Lexington, Virginia 24450

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 New Horizons Workshop: 

“Preparing Your Manuscript for Journal Review”Cadets planning to submit work to NEW HORIZONS will learn the tips they need to know to present their research in the best light.  This workshop will help them give their work the precision and polish that it deserves and that editors expect.

ePortfolio Workshop 

"Writing the Reflective Essay"This workshop, intended for cadets enrolled in courses requiring an ePortfolio project,  addresses the reflective essay portion of the ePortfolio, from selecting artifacts to structuring the essay.  Strategies for thinking of what to say are also offered.

URS Abstract Workshop 

“How to Write an Effective Abstract”Writing an abstract presents special challenges, but if you’ve already written a proposal, you’re more than half way there.  Learn the constituent parts of an abstract as well as key strategies for producing an effective one.

SURI/URS Proposal Workshop 

"How to Write a Winning Proposal" – This workshop, aimed at SURI and URS candidates, defines the necessary parts of a proposal as well as examine a few examples of successful SURI/URS proposals from the recent past.  Learn what you need to know to get your research funded.

Writing Center Workshop SeriesFive workshops will be offered in this fall's Writing Center workshops series:

"It Ain't Over Till It's Over:  Writing Effective Conclusions" – What do you say when you think you've said it all?  Learn strategies for creating an accomplished finish to your academic essay.

“Making a Good First Impression: Writing Better Introductions” – Learn some new strategies to grab your reader’s attention at the beginning of your academic papers.

“Go with the Flow:  Connecting the Parts from Start to Finish” – Flow isn’t just about how things sound; it’s about keeping the reader on the path of the writer's ideas. Learn ways to improve organization and transitions to make sure your paper gets where it needs to go.

“Techniques for Effective Proofreading” –  Professors and employers consider certain writing mistakes to be the most embarrassing – and unforgivable! Come to this workshop to learn how to recognize and correct such problems in your own writing.

"Using Online Sources" – Papers will be due soon, and you have some research to do.  You need a better plan than simply looking it up on Google.  Come learn how to judge which sources will lend authority to your argument and which will not.  Also, learn how to document online sources.