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Password Requirements



Account Type:
Domain/Network, Colleague & Post View

Password expires in: 90 days
Password changes: immediately
Minimum password length: 8 characters
Maximum password length: 126 characters (56 viewable)
Password remembered for:  24 passwords
Password change allowed:  once every 24 hours
Forced mixed case:   yes
Allow user ID in password:  no
Allow palindromes (e.g. Anna, radar):  no
Allow any part of user's full name:  no
Must contain a number:  yes
Must contain special characters:  no
Allow a number at the beginning or end:  no
Allow words that appear in the filter word dictionaries:  no
Filter word dictionaries: Any word found in any dictionary listed on the right  no
Allow words that appear in the custom word list:  N/A
Self Serviceable  yes 

Any VMI faculty, staff, or cadet requiring the VMI Help Desk to reset their domain/network, Colleague, or Post View password, must physically present themselves at the VMI Help Desk with a photo ID.