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Backup Policy for User Files

The backup policy refers to the action completed by Information Technology support staff when upgrading the desktop computer to a new or different system, or upgrading the operating system on an existing computer system.

When these actions are performed it is necessary to backup user created files and folders in order to restore the same files and folders to the new or upgraded system.

  I.   The purpose of the backup policy is to:

  • Make the user community aware of the procedure used by Information Technology staff when backing up user created files and folders.
  • Insure user created files and folders are properly backed up when the user receives a new or upgraded computer.
  • Provide information regarding which folders will be backed up by I.T. staff.
  • Instruct users who have special files or folders (not included in the stated folders) to make special arrangements to insure these files or folders are properly backed up, either by personally backing them up, or moving them into one of the folders that will be backed up by I.T. staff. 

 II.   Definition of backup:

  • I.T. staff members will backup user files and folders to a temporary storage area on the network long enough to restore the same files and folders to the user’s new or upgraded computer.
  • The files are stored in a folder only accessible by I.T. staff and will be used for no other purpose than to restore the same files to the user’s computer.

III.   Procedure:

  • The email profile will be checked to verify the personal folder files are on the M: drive folder under the user name.
  • I.T. staff will run a utility to backup "My Documents", "Internet favorites", and "Desktop shortcuts" to a temporary backup folder on the network.
  • The local drive (C: and any other partitions) will be inspected and all folders that appear to have been added by the user will be backed up to the temporary backup folder on the network.
  • Program folders will not be backed up.

IV.   Programs and applications:

  • Programs and applications have to be reinstalled to properly register with the Windows operating system. Supported applications will be reinstalled. Secondary-supported applications may be reinstalled with the assistance of the user. For more information on this subject please refer to the Support policies page at:

        Hardware & Software Support
This document outlines the various levels of support for hardware and software.