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Information Technology
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Hardware and Software Support

(VMI owned computers – Faculty and Staff)

Information Technology provides various levels of support as described below. Due to the vast quantity of computer hardware and software available on the market, full support of all products cannot be effectively accomplished. Rapid technological changes in computer hardware and updated versions of software require training and investigation to effectively support a given product. The following statements describe and define "support" in a tiered structure.

Full Support: Pertains to hardware and software applications used across Post by all or the majority of departments. Information Technology Support will install, configure, and maintain the fully supported item. Users may call the Help Desk regarding usage questions, in warranty, and out of warranty service.

Recommended computer purchase with associated devices.

  • Microsoft Operating Systems: Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Datatel User Interface
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Adobe Acrobat

Secondary Support: Pertains to items not generally used by all departments. A hardware item or software application, which is considered discipline specific, or used only in a specific area. Information Technology PC Support will assist in the installation and configuration, try to answer questions regarding usage, and assist in warranty and out of warranty service. The department or individual using the hardware or software will do additional research for technical assistance, warranty service, or problem resolution.

  • MAC OS and MAC Software
  • Add-on devices and peripherals not a part of the original package
  • Internal after-market removable storage drives
  • Laboratory interface devices
  • Third party DVD or R/W CD-ROM drives purchased after or outside the initial computer purchase and installation except as found on the recommended hardware page
  • Any package other than those stated above
  • Including discipline specific applications which are used only in particular areas

Unsupported: Pertains to items that are purchased outside of the recommended hardware and software list. Items in this category include specialty items preferred by a particular user or department. The PC support group may assist in installation and configuration as time and resources permit. The individual user or department will be responsible for technical assistance regarding usage and service.

  • Hardware devices other than those recommended by the Information Technology department
  • Any office suite other than Microsoft Office
  • Other software packages not generally used across Post
  • Any email package other than Microsoft Outlook

Various hardware devices or software applications may be unsupported due to the following reasons:

  • Information Technology staff have not yet been trained for usage or technical support of the product
  • Installation of the product may cause a conflict or failure of the computer system or some applications. Should a conflict or problem occur it might become necessary to revert the system to the original configuration.