Assisting Guests

  1. When inviting a lady or gentleman out, give her/him all the information about the event including dress and occasion.

  2. Never leave a guest alone at a hop or social affair. If you must be away from your guest, first introduce her/him to friends, excuse yourself while leaving your guest in their company, and return as soon as possible. When appropriate in escorting a lady, a cadet offers his right arm. The gentleman guest of a female cadet offers his arm to the female cadet.

  3. When dining out, the waiter leads the way to the table and the female guest or female cadet follows, then the gentleman or male cadet. If there is no waiter, the man leads the way.

  4. Learn to dance; it will make the wait for hop privileges much more fun.

  5. Cadets traditionally tip their caps or touch their cap bills to ladies visiting on the Post and to those they recognize on the street. When walking with a lady, a man should walk either on the curbside or the left side. When walking with two ladies he may walk between them.

  6. When escorting a date in a public area, observe rules of decorum. Do not display affection in public while in uniform. Physical contact, other than offering your arm in assistance, is unsuitable.