Class of 1998

Joey Bates '98 - currently at UNC working on MBA with concentration in accounting. Works for Harris Teeter developing automated ordering system. 5/06

David M. Benedick '98 - MBA Georgetown 2003. Currently a consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. 5/06

Juan Carlos de los Reyes '98 - working for Palm Beach Post in South Florida as a sports writer 9/00

Eric J. Iannelli '98 - MS in Print Journalism from Boston Univ. , currently working as a freelance copywriter, a reviewer of books (Times Literary Supplement and Rain Taxi), and editor-at-large for Copper Press magazine. Resides in Germany. 05/06

Mark Glancy '98 - a lieutenant in the Coast Guard, presently Commanding Officer of the USCGC Sitkinak in Miami Beach, FL. 5/06

Carl Hallen '98 - served six years in the Marine Corps, now a captain in the Reserves. Currently Business Development Manager for National Air Cargo, Inc. 5/06

Terry Maguire '98 - working as a contractor at the Office of Strategic Relations at the Missile Defense Agency in the Department of Defense in Washington D.C. 10/03

David Nash '98 - started the Tidewater Regional Fire Academy in Va. Beach and that will last until mid December '98. Notes that he is planning on incorporating, which will bring him into the world of self-employment 2/99

Chad Novacek '98 - Taught English in the Peace Corps in China. Working on MA in China Studies at Johns Hopkins, anticipated graduation May '07 6/06

2LT Kevin Trujillo '98 - currently at the Armor Officer Basic Course at Ft. Knox, KY and will be stationed in Korea upon completion of the course.2/99

Dave Willey '98 - currently in first year of law school at University of Pittsburgh. 5/06