Laptop Recommendations

Computer systems used at VMI must meet certain minimum requirements in order to operate successfully on the Local Area Network. A cadet owned computer must be a laptop, or notebook computer. No desktop computers will be permitted in barracks. In addition all computer systems operating on the VMI LAN must contain a Network Interface Card (NIC). Equipment not meeting the recommended requirements will be given low priority and will be placed on the service list below any cadet with supported equipment or software.

VMI now recommends a DELL laptop with 4 year Onsite warranty. With the onsite coverage, the laptops can be worked on at VMI by a Dell technician instead of being sent to a repair facility.  An Apple laptop is recommended with the AppleCare Protection Plan.  This plan is an integrated service and support solution that extends the complimentary coverage of your Mac to three years from the computer's purchase date. 

For a complete list of approved laptops click here.