Cadet Awards for Excellence

The Annual ODE/SBD Banquet to honor our top cadets was held on April 23rd.

Jacob Rochester was awarded the John and Jane Roberts Medal for outstanding overall performance by an ECBU major.


Andrew Krumm earned the John Robert Philpott Medal for outstanding performance in research for his work on the impact of military experience on entrepreneurial success. 


Daniel Bogert was awarded the Wheat Award for the highest score on the Major Field Test-Business. Daniel Allen won an award for outstanding performance on the MFTB 


Academic Excellence was earned by achieving an overall GPA of 3.0 by the following:

Class of 2009
Stephen Anderson, Daniel Bogert, Ryan Clark, Matthew Gift, Joshua Gober,
Christopher Johnston, Andrew Krumm, Charles Rice, Jacob Rochester,
Brian Sandridge, Brian Steel, Joseph Taylor


Class of 2010 
Matthew Allen, Jarrod Cartwright, Mitchell Gardner, Jarrod Imatani,
Adam Lonon, Jacob Moore, William Romaine, Nathaniel Salatin,
Lincoln Splettstoesser, Daniel Welsh, Shawn Wongkachonkitti


 Class of 2011

Grafton Addison, Joseph Cantafio, Preston Craft, Jon Deane,
Robert Harris, Cameron Jones, Chaz Jones, Joseph Keese,
Adam Kruithof, Thomas McDavid, Sean McLachlan,
Kara Noble, Keith O'Donnell, Philip Parker, Robert Schaefer


Class of 2012

William Baber, Kevin Brown, Joshua Chao, Joel Chapman,
Stephen Davis, Boris Duvnjak, Collin Flathery, Christopher Fraser,
Riley King, Richard Luck, Joseph Munno, Nash Roberts,
Michael Shafer, Issac Sireci, Lewedwyn Taylor. Xin Xie. Andrew Yancey


The following were inducted into SBD:

Joshua Gober, Stephen Anderson, Daniel Welsh, Tyler Romaine, Jacob Moore,
Mithcell Gardner, Matthew Allen, Jarrod Imatani, Jarrod Cartwight, Adam Lonon

The following were inducted into ODE: 

Christopher Johnston, Joshua Gober, Stephen Anderson, Matthew Gift,
Daniel Welsh, Tyler Romaine, Jacob Moore, Matthew Allen,
Jarrod Cartwright, Lincoln Splettstoesser, Shawn Wongkachonkitti