ACSB Accreditation

The department is now in its fifth year of a five year pre-accreditation process with AACSB—International, the premier accrediting agency for business programs around the world. Faculty efforts have been focused on the Self-Evaluation Report. This report summarizes our evaluation of ourselves in accordance with our defined mission and the criteria specified in the accreditation standards. It describes the department’s mission, objectives, and the processes established to achieve such objectives, and provide evidence of the progress toward accomplishing the objectives and of the outcomes of these processes. This report, which serves as the basis of the peer review process, was submitted May 15th.

It is the responsibility of the peer review team to confirm achievement of the school’s mission, as well as the effectiveness of continuous improvement processes consistent with AACSB standards. This team will be led by Dr. Robert A. Clark (Dean of the School of Business Administration at the University of Evansville) and includes Dr. Alicia J. Jackson (Dean of the Sigmund Weis School of Business at Susquehanna University), and Dr. Rita A. Jordan (Professor Emeritus of Management at the U.S. Air Force Academy). Their official visit is scheduled for October 18 – 21.

Dr. Clark, the peer-review team leader, made an informal pre-visit to VMI on April 22 – 24. While here, Dr. Clark met with the ECBU faculty and cadets as well as BG Schneiter, General Brower and General Peay. This visit, intended as an introduction, was quite helpful prior to submitting the Self-Evaluation Report and the official peer-review team visit this fall.