Undergraduate Research

Cadet Dan BogertCadet Bogert undertook an independent study under Colonel Basu to design a series of experiments to test whether asset bubbles could form even when there was no uncertainty about returns. He found that, among VMI cadets, asset bubbles formed even when the subjects knew the actual rates of return (and therefore the value) on assets. He presented his findings at the poster session of the Spring URI.

Cadet Joseph TaylorDuring the spring of 2009, Colonel Gutermuth worked with Cadet Joe Taylor to implement a sales projection model for a specific firm.  Detailed regression models were developed to aid the firm in projecting their sales to hospitals with different characteristics, such as Urban vs. Rural and Teaching vs. Nonteaching.  A “product” was developed for the salespeople in the firm to easily forecast sales, dependent on the type of hospital.

Cadet Andrew KrummCadet Andrew Krumm ’09, an ECBU major from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, completed an undergraduate research project titled “Veterans in the Entrepreneurial World: Overcoming the Competition by Force.”  This study investigated the known characteristics of entrepreneurs to that of military veterans to determine if veterans possess stronger entrepreneurial characteristics than non-veterans, as suggested by reported statistics of veteran and non-veteran entrepreneurship.  Motivated by Cadet Krumm’s experiences as an entrepreneur in undeveloped land and his commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army after graduation, this study found that veterans exhibit a personality profile more similar to entrepreneurs than non-veterans.  His research mentor was Major Baker.

Cadet Chris JohnstonChris Johnston '09 researched the use of Monte Carlo simulation to implement a portfolio selection model.  The research compared the use of variance and value-at-risk as measures of risk for identifying portfolios that achieved the same required rate of return.  His results were presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Lieutenant Colonel Cobb provided oversight on this research.

Cadet Jamie FernandezMajor Elizabeth Baker worked in an undergraduate research project with Cadet Jamie Fernandez ’09, a Psychology major from England.  This project, titled “How can a global company compete to identify and attract global talent?”, was an interdisciplinary summer undergraduate research effort between the Economics and Business department and the Psychology department focused on the personality traits of top leadership in a global company and how to use personality testing to identify potential top talent early in the hiring process.