Research Permits

Academic Permit (word format)

The Academic Permit recognizes the importance of undergraduate research in the cadet’s pursuit of academic excellence and allows cadets additional time during military duty and on weekends to work on their research projects. Academic permits also cover absences from post for activities related to their projects.

Procedures: Academic permit forms are available from this site or the Commandant’s Office and are to be completed by the cadet for a specified period of time. Permits cover requests for absence from military duty and weekend activities with an option for late supper. Requests for absence from post for undergraduate research purposes will be filled out in Part 2 of the Academic permit form.

To be eligible for Academic Permit status a cadet must first be enrolled in a department-sanctioned course or activity that relates to the project. Academic Permits will request absences from military duty and other formations only after the cadet has demonstrated every effort has been made to use available academic and free time in an optimal fashion.

Approval: The cadet must sign the Academic Permit request and have it endorsed by the faculty mentor and department chair. The permit must next be submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Research for recommendations and forwarded to the Commandant’s Office for final disposition. Any further questions of clarification from the Commandant’s Office will also be referred to the Director of Undergraduate Research for comment, referrals and/or recommendations.

Disposition of Requests: A copy of the approved or disapproved permit will be sent to the Director of Undergraduate Research who will notify the interested parties. The original permit will remain in the Commandant’s Office. An additional copy of the approved/disapproved permit will be provided to the Associate Dean for Planning and Administration by the Commandant’s office.