Program Planning

September:  Begin coordinating with the Director of International Programs to put together the basic plan for the program:  location, dates, courses, excursions, and budget.

Cost - OIP will work with you, the Dean's Office and the VMI Treasurer to determine the cost of each program.

Advertising and recruitment - Use email, flyers and meetings with cadets to recruit participants.  The OIP will take the lead on this, but will need program directors to be involved.

January:  OIP will begin to hold informational meetings for all students interested in summer programs.

March:  Applications due.

Meetings - Meet with cadets who have applied for your program to discuss the details of the program with them.  It is important to maintain their enthusiasm and interest in the program.

Fee payment - Encourage your cadets to pay their fees as soon as possible, but no later than the set due date.  They should pay in the student accounting office in Smith Hall via check made out to the Treasurer of VMI or by credit card.

Passports - If your participants have not already applied for a passport, have them do so immeditely.  Check to be sure their passport will not expire while abroad.

Academic courses - Work with your Department Head and the Registrar to choose course numbers for the courses that you will offer.  Inform the Registrar of the course numbers so that the course can be entered into PostView.

Late March:  Participants' fee payment is due in full.

"Go/No go" - At this point, the decision can be made about whether or not your program has enough participants.  The Director of International Programs will consult with you on this.  If you have enough participants who have paid the fee, your trip is a "go" and you can begin to make financial arrangements for the trip.