Student Misconduct

Faculty leaders on short-term international trips have responsibilities beyond academics.  They must also provide on-site administration.  Faculty leaders need to know relevant policies and procedures so that they can address cadet issues the same way they would be addressed at VMI.

Participants are expected to conduct themselves with honor and integrity at all times.  Cadets should understand that they are subject to behavioral policies set forth in the "Blue Book" even when away from VMI.  OIP has each participant sign a Code of Conduct form and a copy is given to each program director.  This is a useful tool and should be reviewed with a student at your discretion. Additionally, all students sign a Program Agreement acknowledging that if they are sent home for disciplinary reasons, it will be at their own expense and they must have funds available for this.

In the event of disciplinary problems, notify the Director of International Programs and provide written documentation of the allegations.